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Four Ways You Can Give Back

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 20, 2018

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Businesses – small, medium, and large – can benefit from community involvement. Companies that depend on their surrounding citizens to keep them in business, however, should seriously consider this strategy.

Putting a friendly face on a company can be just what it needs to make business take off. Every community event that is attended or sponsored can also reach much further than the people who are attending the event. To help spread the word of your company’s willingness to participate, use social media and your company’s website to share photos and anecdotes from each event.

While there are many ways to get involved, here are four ideas that can help your business by contributing to your community:

1. Volunteer

Whether you donate time to a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or Habitat for Humanity, volunteering will benefit many. It helps the community, your business, and your team members; the community for obvious reasons, your business because it will gain recognition, and your team members because it serves as a bonding experience.


Giving your employees company shirts and sending them out for a half-day of volunteering also serves as a great photo and story opportunity for social media and/or your company’s website. This can help attract potential employees to your business.

2. Plan or sponsor a community event

Community events come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a 5K race to raise money for a local cause, or you could arrange a neighborhood cleanup just in time for Earth Day. If your company doesn’t have enough employees to work the event, there is always the option to recruit volunteers, such as local high school students, for community service hours.

When putting on an event, it’s vital to plan well in advance and promote the event to ensure a good turnout. Flyers – even simple ones – dispersed throughout the community and a Facebook event are just a couple ways to spread the word.

A sponsored community event will put your business on the map. It will show that your company cares and appreciates its hometown.

3. Sponsor youth sports leagues or teams

Almost all towns have youth sports like soccer or tee-ball that rely on companies for financial support.  Often, these businesses earn recognition on team shirts, signs, etc. Businesses can also support local sports teams by purchasing an ad in a team’s program or even donating supplies for the concession stand. A great way to keep your business’ name at the top of people’s minds is to put your logo on items you donate. For example, get paper cups made with your company’s logo; that way, when people order a drink, they will be reminded of your business.


4. Encourage company leadership to serve on community boards

Many communities have boards to oversee different interests. For example, there are boards dedicated to community safety, art, parks and public areas, and much more. Encouraging the management team of your business to join boards pertaining to their interests is a great way to network within the community. It will help put a face with the company’s name to encourage more business, more candidates for employment, and more support from the community.
As your company becomes more involved in your community, you will likely find that additional participation opportunities will present themselves. Your business could become a reliable resource when others need help and a go-to for customers.
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