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Fluid Flow Tooling and Accessories

Posted by Kimball Midwest on May 26, 2021

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So, you have a new hydraulics setup, which includes the hoses, a crimper and all the fittings you need to make hose assemblies. You’re good to go, right?

Well, not quite. You still need some fluid flow tooling and accessories to complete your hydraulics setup. Having the right tools and accessories will make hydraulics operations safer, cleaner and more efficient.  

Fluid Transfer Pumps

These syringe-style pumps help you extract, inspect and refill fluids from equipment and reservoirs. They can be used for a wide range of fluids, such as hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, brake fluid and water-based liquids, among others. A pump allows you to change fluid quickly and easily without the need for drain plug removal, component disassembly or messy catch pans.

Kimball Midwest offers a compact pump for hard-to-reach areas that holds up to 6.75 fluid ounces, or a larger pump that holds up to 50 fluid ounces.

Pressure Gauges

Having a pressure gauge is vital for monitoring pressure changes that could impact the operation of your hydraulics system. How do you choose one? The basic rule is to select one that has a range of twice your normal working pressure.

Kimball Midwest has pressure gauges with a variety of ranges:

All the gauges are white, 2.5” in diameter with a black scale that makes them easy to read to ensure the system is operating in a safe range. The glycerin-filled gauges provide vibration and shock resistance in demanding applications while the stainless steel cases resists corrosion, weather and the embrittlement composite cases and gauges are susceptible to.

Blow Guns

Pneumatic blow guns are handy for cleaning debris. The Micro Blow Gun, for example, accepts any quarter-inch NPT male nipple for use with any style coupler. At just 1.35 ounces, it won’t weigh down coiled lines, and it operates at 90 psi

Do double duty with the Blow Gun Vacuum, which functions as both a high-performance blow gun and a powerful shop vac. This versatile tool works great in demanding shop environments and vehicle interiors. Blow off debris from work surfaces, use the catch bag to pick up and move small parts, quickly dry wet surfaces, and more.

Hose Cutters and Saws

Of course, you need to cut hydraulic hose to the proper size for your application, so no hydraulics setup is complete without a hose cutter or hose saw. It’s important to choose one that makes accurate, reliable and clean cuts.

  • The Hose & Tube Cutter is ideal for hose and tubing up to an inch in diameter. It’s fast and easy to use, and designed for good comfort and grip. It accurately cuts a variety of hose and tubing, including rubber, nylon, polyethylene, PVC and more.
  • The Automatic Advance Tubing Cutter is spring-mounted to apply even pressure, eliminating the need to adjust the tension knob. It makes bur-free cuts on tubing from 1/8 inch through 1-1/4 inch diameter.
  • The 14” Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saw is a portable power saw that cuts all hose, including wire reinforced. This excellent, all-around cutting machine includes three 14” diameter abrasive blades.
  • The 7” Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saw makes debris-free, professional cuts with its unique blade that slices through hose instead of melting and tearing it like conventional cutters. It can cut through wire-reinforced hose without binding or creating smoke.


You also need couplers to connect hoses and fittings. The Quick Lock coupler locks into fittings at extreme angles, so it’s perfect to use with hard-to-reach fittings. It has a 10,000 psi maximum working pressure, making it ideal for heavy-duty greasing applications. The Quick Lock coupler also comes in a long version.

These are just a few products that can help complete your hydraulics setup. If you’re looking for hydraulics equipment, tooling and accessories to meet your exact needs, we can help you Find a Rep!

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