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Kimball Midwest is Ready to Help When Disaster Strikes

Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 22, 2022

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Disasters can be hard to prepare for. Typically, they are unexpected, and each comes with a unique situation to overcome the damages or losses. While Kimball Midwest can’t predict disasters that may occur, we can help our customers be prepared when one strikes.

Through our extensive product offerings, Kimball Midwest has what you need to be prepared for when disaster strikes. We have a variety of disaster preparation products to help you overcome any obstacle thrown your way.

We are featuring products that can aid in common occurrences after disasters. Below are several of these occurrences and the products to help you navigate the challenges you may face.

Power Outages

Power outages are common, especially when natural disasters bring harsh weather near you. To help provide relief for outages, Kimball Midwest can supply you with lighting, batteries and extension cords.

The best heavy-duty lighting options in case of a power outage include the Heavy-Duty Industrial Flashlight and the 6 Volt Safety Lantern, which can float.

To keep your flashlights and other miscellaneous items powered, Kimball Midwest suggests the ProCell Alkaline, Rayovac Ultra Pro and Duracell Lantern Batteries in case of outages.

If you can have an additional power source to use on an as needed basis in case of an outage, extension cords are essential. The Kim-Cords are extreme extension cords providing you with extra length for connecting the power source to your equipment.


The cleanup process after a disaster can seem like a daunting task. Debris and damage need to be handled with care as a safety precaution. There are many cleanup products Kimball Midwest can provide to aid in time of disaster. These include brooms, trash bags and tape to start the cleanup process.

For larger debris and damage, pry bars, saw blades and other bladed tools might be needed to clear a space, and Kimball Midwest has you covered to tackle anything.

Once all the debris has been cleared, cleaning chemicals are needed to finish off the process. Kimball Midwest has an extensive list of cleanup chemicals to ensure your workspace can get back to production as quickly and safely as possible.

Personal Safety

Throughout the cleanup process, it’s important to make sure you are protected from any debris or other safety hazards after a disaster. Wearing the proper gloves, eye protection and a hard hat are essential. The Mil Nitrile Gloves, V-Maxx Safety Goggles and Yellow Ratcheting Suspension Hard Hat are perfect for personal safety against debris.

For more information on products that will help you prepare for a disaster, reach out to your sales representative. If you don’t have a rep and would like to be prepared for disasters, we can help youFind a Rep.

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