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New Abrasive Bundles You Just Have to Try

Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 4, 2021

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In November and December, Kimball Midwest is offering some great bundles we think you should check out.

While this is not a comprehensive list of all the products and bundles, it’s a select few we think can do quite well for you if you need the right tool to get the job done.

The bundles we’ve chosen to highlight include an assortment and the complimentary tool. 


The Single-Wrench Die Grinder, and Kim-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Disc Assortment.

Our ¼” Single Wrench Die Grinder has a powerful motor for fast job completion, and its quick-change design allows for easy accessory changes. Its universal collet is ideal for use with burs, flap wheels, deburring tools, end brushes, bore brushes, mounted points and anything with a ¼” shaft, including Type R disc holders.

The Kim-Brite™ conditioning discs are made of non-woven nylon fiber, impregnated with aluminum oxide abrasive grain. They are a fast, safe way to clean flange areas and mating surfaces of gasketing residue.

They are great to use on engine blocks, heads, valve covers, transmission housings and more. They do a great job of removing scratches, flashing, rust and oxidation from metal surfaces and they provide light deburring and blending of ground out welds.

The Compact Belt Sander, and Kim-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Belts and Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Belts.

Kimball Midwest’s Compact Pneumatic Belt Sander can be used on edges, contoured surfaces and cylindrical parts to help in precise stock removal and surface preparation.

The head pivots 360° – independently of the handle and motor – so you can use it in tight spaces. The end of the guide bar pivots, too, allowing the belt to conform to round or irregularly shaped surfaces.

The Kim-Brite™ Compact Surface Conditioning belts remove scratches, flashing, rust, oxidation and coatings from metal surfaces and provide light deburring, polishing and blending. They are excellent on most metals including steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

The Aluminum Oxide Compact Abrasive belts come in a wide range of grits and are ideal for stock removal and fine finishing. The cloth backing and flexible abrasive coating provide long life and fast cutting with consistent finishes.

The 3” Flex Head Cutoff Tool and Super-Maxx 2™ Cutoff Wheels.

Get into the most hard-to-reach places with the three-position flexible head. The heavy-duty aluminum construction with composite sleeve is resistant to corrosion and aids in a long service life. There is a 360° rotating guard to keep your hands safe and factory rebuild kits are available.

The Super-Maxx 2™ is our fastest cutting, longest lasting cut-off wheel series. It offers exceptional performance on tools of all power levels, It offers a contaminate free construction, a high cut rate and reduced operating costs. It’s designed to work with heat-sensitive materials which reduces the change of heat damage to the workpiece.

If you need additional abrasive discs and somewhere to store them, we offer the Gravity Feed Dispenser. This piece of storage equipment is special because it can be mounted almost anywhere where there is a wall. You aren’t limited to needing other racks or bins! You can even mount them in mobile service trucks.

While it can be mounted anywhere, it’s also easy to refill. Just flip the top and pour in the discs.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention an addition to our Crimson Fire line that we’re very excited about, especially the Crimson-Fire™ Mini Flex Flap Discs.

The flexible extended flap configuration provides the versatility of rapid stock removal by applying high pressure and blending and surface finishing by applying low pressure.

The premium ceramic grain regenerates as it is used for quick grinding and finishing of tough alloys.

There are many more options to check out at as well as having one of our team members come out and talk to you. You know what to do … It’s time to Find a Rep
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