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Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 11, 2024

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At Kimball Midwest, we are selective about the products we carry. Only superior quality maintenance, repair and operations parts, hardware and shop supplies make the cut to appear in the Kimball Midwest product line.


When you buy from us, you know you’ll receive a quality product.


In addition, Kimball Midwest sales representatives don’t just point to a picture in a catalog. Instead, we demonstrate our problem-solving products to customers so you can see exactly how a product will save you time and money.


Each day, members of the Kimball Midwest sales team show countless products in action in front of customers around the nation. What a sales rep might bring to your bench depends on what he or she thinks might be most useful to you that day, but we have a few of our top products that our sales team loves to show off time and again.


Here are a few of our top demonstrable products that might be useful to your shop:


Torq CB Penetrating Oil


One of our most popular products, Torq CB quickly cuts through tough build-ups of grease, grime and contaminants that stop other penetrants. It cleans and removes rust and corrosion, quickly penetrating to free frozen and corroded mating parts.


Your sales rep might have shown you how quickly Torq CB eats through water and a foam cup. Although it’s even more impressive in person, this video will show you what we’re talking about:



Roto-Kut™ Hole Cutter


The Roto-Kut™ Hole Cutter cuts sheet metal, metal plate, pipe, tubing and plastics three to five times faster than drill bits or hole saws. It produces clean, burr-free holes without deforming the surrounding material, and it cuts around the hole, converting a smaller area to chips to allow much faster job completion.


You might need to see Roto-Kut™ in action to believe how quickly and easily it cuts through thick steel! Here’s the video evidence:



Super Primalloy® Maintenance Length Drills


Super Primalloy® drill bits are designed specifically for maintenance, because you never know from one day to the next what you are going to be drilling. It could be spring steel, frame steel, stainless steel or a broken bolt; the average drill bit just won’t do the job. In fact, if you are like a lot of the shops our team visits, you probably have an old box or drawer full of worn out and broken drill bits.


If your Kimball Midwest sales rep has introduced you to Super Primalloy® drill bits, you might have seen just how tough they are, even when subjected to misuse. If not, you don’t want to miss this video:





Therma-Shield protects components and surrounding materials during soldering, brazing and welding. It reduces transfer of heat through metal, reducing downtime and reducing or eliminating distortion to metal caused by the heat.


If you haven’t seen Therma-Shield’s amazing protective ability in action, this video will give you a sneak peek until your sales rep can show you in person!



How many of these products have you seen in action in your shop? If there’s one you’d like to see yourself for the first time, be sure to let your Kimball Midwest sales representative know. If you don’t have one, we’d be glad to help you Find a Rep!

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