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A Broad Brush of Paint Options

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 17, 2021

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If you’ve been a Kimball Midwest customer for long, you probably know about our top paint products, headlined by our Ultra Pro-Max spray paint. Ultra Pro-Max paints are known for their high solids content, meaning one can gives you the same coverage as two or even three cans of standard spray paint.

But that’s not the end of our paint line. We have several more specialized paints for situations when something a little different is called for.

Ceiling Tile Paint

Our ceiling tile paint whitens and restores acoustical ceiling tile panels, covering water stains and other discolorations without primer. The unique micro-void finish will not interfere with sound-absorbing qualities of the tile, and it won’t cause warping or sagging.

It’s also designed to spray straight up, so you can keep the tiles in the ceiling while painting, saving tons of time.

High-Temperature Industrial Paints

Our high-temperature industrial paints are perfect for any hot spots in your operation and are able to withstand continuous temperature up to 1,200°F without peeling, blistering or discoloring.

These paints come in two colors (aluminum and black) and include ceramic additives to provide superior performance in high heat. They also have a high adhesive bond to ensure a lasting finish.

Striping and Marking Paints

Our broad line of striping and marking paints offers many standard colors for traffic markings and other applications.

Our traffic marking paints provide non-bleeding coverage on asphalt and sealed concrete, even those that have been recently paved, as long as they are adequately dried before striping. Use them with our traffic paint marking machine to produce crisp lines 2 to 4 inches wide on concrete, blacktop and other surfaces.

Our inverted marking paints have an inverted tip design for upside-down spraying and a non-clogging chemistry to require less shaking. The water-based formula is safe for use on grass, gravel and dirt and will not wash away after drying. Use them with our inverted paint marking stick or compact inverted paint marking gun for general purpose marking applications.

Primers and Sealers

Our selection of primers and sealers come in a variety of colors and offer superior protection against rust and corrosion. They’re perfect for demanding applications that call for exceptional defense.

If you’re looking to cover nuisance marks on concrete or asphalt, we have specific concealing paints just for that situation.

Rubber Coatings

Although they’re not paints, strictly speaking, our rubber coatings do a similar job of covering things to protect them and improve their appearance.

For example, the Rubber Max Premium Undercoat is 100% rubber for extreme effectiveness in sealing against rust and protecting against corrosion. The tough, flexible coating won't crack or flake under vibration, weathering or abrasion and is resistant to chemicals and solvents. It even dries in 15 minutes and is paintable in less than an hour.

If you need assistance finding the right specialized paint for your situation, we can help you FIND A REP!

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