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The Importance of Following Abrasive RPM Levels

Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 17, 2022

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When choosing the right abrasive for the task at hand, Revolution Per Minute (RPM) levels are one of the most important factors. Using an abrasive at the recommended RPM will result in the best performance.

Kimball Midwest understands the safety risks involved with RPM levels and provides the maximum RPM of each abrasive with customer purchases, along with RPM ratings on abrasive-related tools and recommendations for RPM matching to the correct tools.

There is a difference between the recommended RPM and maximum RPM for abrasives or any other tool.

The recommended RPM level of an abrasive will give you optimal results on the job. The recommended RPM is the best level for the best output.

The maximum level of RPM for an abrasive or tool is the highest RPM level you can use before becoming a significant safety risk to workers and the workplace as a whole.

The biggest safety concern is exceeding the maximum RPM of an abrasive or tool. This is true for all equipment with a recommended RPM level. Exceeding the maximum RPM level (using a tool with a higher RPM than what is listed) could lead to the abrasive literally exploding! This is a huge safety concern for the user and those in the surrounding area.

For optimal performance, wheels are designed to be used at a certain RPM. Exceeding this level does not improve the tool’s performance. You may cause the wheel to degrade faster, glaze or simply not work as well because you’re not within the designed parameters.

To put this into perspective: If a 4.5” cut-off wheel spinning at 13,000 RPM broke apart, those pieces could travel extremely quickly in any direction. Therefore, guards for abrasives on tools are not only important, but they’re also required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and can save you and others in your workspace. Mishandling a tool will result in a quick safety hazard.

Kimball Midwest sales representatives can help you pick out the correct abrasives for you needs and explain their best practices for optimal performance in your workplace. Reach out to your rep today to find out more about Kimball Midwest’s abrasive options. If you do not already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep.

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