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How You Benefit From Personal Service

Posted by Kimball Midwest on July 23, 2018

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Have you ever had an experience of working with a company that fails to understand your needs and keeps providing you with the same solutions everyone else in the market is offering? Yes? Then that company is treating you with a one-size-fits-all approach. They don’t understand the tools you need to succeed as a business or the solutions they can give you to help your bottom-line. One size does not fit all and we’re here to tell you why.

Generally speaking, we are all in the business of people. We maintain people’s cars. We fix people’s plumbing. We grow food for people. Why not have a dedicated person to help you navigate the hundreds of thousands of problem-solving solutions in your shop?

Every customer has different needs, so it‘s important for a Rep to offer personalized service to his/her customers. A Rep that offers personal service to his/her customers understands that a one-size-fits-all mindset is vague and the challenges of each customer is unique. Understanding that a tailor-made solution is critical to the success of the business can be the difference in making or breaking the bottom-line.


Personal service doesn’t just mean personal order-taking. That is the sign of a sales rep that isn’t interested in helping your business; only his/her own. Personal service means digging into the challenges a business faces, even if the business isn’t aware of a problem. A Rep can help standardize your products, set appropriate inventory levels for each item stocked, and reorganize the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) product storage for quick and easy access.

Let’s break down what should be expected of a true solutions expert, and how they can help you succeed:

Standardized Products

Setting standards in your inventory carries a hefty weight in productivity times as well. Having the same parts in the same place when you need them may seem basic, but is harder than it looks on paper. Partnering with a solutions expert that keeps the quality standardized in parts gives you the assurance that productivity will be at its peak.

Appropriate Inventory Levels

A solutions expert has the pulse of the business they are partnered with. In inventory, you should know your minimum and maximum levels of inventory. Having too much inventory on hand is wasted money, as you may not go through all of it for years. That takes up space, obviously. But that also can actually decrease your productivity in the shop. Having too little inventory is also pretty obvious. You can’t fix things when you don’t have the parts to fix them with. This has a massive impact on productivity, as you could be waiting on inventory for days.

Organize the Maintenance, Repair and Operations Product Storage

Have you ever tried to go through and organize your parent’s garage or attic? It’s like that, but way more daunting. Expert-level organization can be the hardest part of running a shop. To achieve this, there’s no better help than from the people that sell you that inventory. They can help identify high traffic areas in your shop and optimize the flow to ensure that productivity is at an all-time high.


A Rep that is dedicated to providing exceptional personal service will ensure that all your individual needs are met. Even if a Rep cannot be there when you find yourself missing something vital to a job, you can easily order online and see the status of past orders. You can also ask the Rep about special services such as recommending product, organizing your parts, putting products away or servicing your storage area. Providing personal service means customers are the top priority, which means going all out to ensure that you are satisfied.

Luckily, if you are reading this post, you have already found a company that is willing go the extra mile to provide exceptional personal service to its customers. At Kimball Midwest, we offer personalized service that is all about you. Our personal customer service is provided by both our sales representatives and our employees in four distribution centers across the country.

At Kimball Midwest, we can help you find the solution to your most trying problems. Our Reps are there to attend to your needs and provide you with tailor made solutions that will make your business and life easier while also helping your bottom-line.  Find A Rep
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