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A Look at What Vendor Managed Inventory Can Do For You

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 27, 2021

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No two shops are the same. Even ones that are supposed to be.

Auto dealerships run by the same company still have different needs. Road crews in neighboring towns have different constraints on what they can do and who they service and how.

At Kimball Midwest we know that, and that’s why we never have, and never will, take a one-size-fits-all approach. With more than 1,000 sales reps throughout the country, it’s nearly impossible to do that, anyway.

But we train our sales reps a certain way. We know customer service is what sets us apart, so each rep goes through training to make sure they know the expectations of giving each shop they enter the Kimball Midwest Experience.

And it starts from the jump.

When one of our reps walks in, they are polite, take safety precautions seriously and follow whatever guidelines you have in place, from face coverings to safety glasses and hard hats.

They’ll talk to you and ask questions, tell you what we are all about and take a look around to see how we can make sure to take care of you the right way – the way you expect to be taken care of.

Maybe you’ll see our value the first time we walk in. Because that’s what we are about here at Kimball Midwest. Value. We know much of the value we provide is the quality of the items we sell and how we take care of the customers we service.

We take tremendous pride in keeping your shop clean, organized and stocked – not overstocked – with the best parts and tools available. That means Made in the USA. We know that matters to you, and that’s why 80% of our inventory spend goes toward products Made in the USA. We take that seriously because we know that simply adds to the value we offer every single customer.

The other important part of our value is that we are available. Our reps show up when you want them to and fill your needs.

When you need something, you can call us for information or for orders. You can order it online, get Safety Data Sheets or just get the peace of mind you need.

Our reps have been known to take care of setups previously serviced by competitors because we know the value that adds to your organization. We know what it feels like to be taken care of.

And we don’t delay. When you need items, we know you need them now. That’s why we have four distribution centers strategically placed across the United States and a fill rate of more than 99% on all orders with same-day shipment. That means 86% of customers get their deliveries the next day.

In those distribution centers, we have more than 51,000 products at the ready and access to more than 500,000 products with our non-stock department. What does that mean? If you need it, we’ll find it.

We know how to spot problems, and we know how to fix them, too. We don’t let things sit.

On conversion day, if we are fortunate enough to become one of your primary MRO suppliers, we do our best to make it a smooth transition. That’s not always easy, and that’s why we have been known to come over the weekend or in the evening to get things squared away so you don’t lose productivity.

If we are replacing bins or drawers, we meticulously sort through your current stock to make sure everything is in its place. We make labels specific to your needs. That leads to the ability to quickly locate the item you are looking for, as well as a quick system for us to make sure you are stocked to the levels you request with each product. With each visit, we will learn your needs better and better, and that will turn into a relationship we know you will rely on.

We take the guesswork out of what you need and where you need to go to get it. So, let us help you keep your shop clean and organized. Let us help you FIND A REP!

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