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Posted by Kimball Midwest on February 3, 2021

Tags: MRO, Solution, Storage Equipment

When you’re thinking about storage equipment to organize your maintenance, repair and operations supplies, there’s no shortage of options.

The first storage solutions you think of probably include options like bins, racks and stands, as well as drawers.
A little further down the list, but no less useful in the right application, is the pegboard.

Kimball Midwest’s pegboard is made from 20-gauge steel that is fashioned into a virtually indestructible perforated panel. It’s easily mounted to any flat surface and measures 21 inches by 35 inches.

The board comes with 10 8-inch display hooks, but additional hooks may be ordered in three lengths to fit any MRO storage need.

Pegboards can be a great solution for storing larger abrasive wheels, hose clamps, tools and many other industrial items. And perhaps even more so than other storage equipment, the possibilities are endless, as pegs can be spaced as needed to accommodate anything that can hang on the board.

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