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Organizing Your Abrasives

Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 2, 2023

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With different sizes, grains, materials and more, abrasives come in many varieties. Your shop’s activities will dictate which ones you need to keep on hand, and in many cases, that won’t be a small number.


That’s where Kimball Midwest’s abrasives storage equipment can help you.


If you use several kinds of abrasives, our new abrasives storage cabinet with pegboard is an excellent choice for storage. This durable powder-coated steel cabinet comes with adjustable shelves, a welded-in pegboard and 10 peg hooks, making it easy to store and organize abrasive supplies of all types.


The shelves can be customized in 1-7/8” increments, ensuring a perfect fit for your tools. Wall-mountable with keyhole slots for quick setup, this storage solution maximizes space efficiency. Crafted in the U.S.A., it's built to last in demanding shop environments. You can reimagine your workspace with this game-changing organization solution.


Another top option is our lockable abrasives storage cabinet. It organizes and safely stores most maintenance abrasives. Its durable, powder-coated, all-welded steel construction provides long service life to store grinding wheels, cloth rolls and more. It includes a pegboard and 10 6” peg hooks.


Our rack designed for wire, hose and abrasives is equipped with four removable 5/8” steel zinc plated dowels, this rack can hold a variety of abrasives, like waterproof cloth rolls, emery cloth rolls and more.


A smaller version comes with one removable 5/8” steel rod and a convenient carrying handle.


For some smaller abrasives, a gravity feed dispenser is the best choice, and for larger cutoff wheels, we offer dispensers for 3” wheels, 4” wheels and 4 ½” wheels.


We also have a classic metal pegboard for abrasive storage. It’s a virtually indestructible ¼” perforated panel made of 20-gauge steel. It’s easily mounted to any flat surface and comes with 10 8” display hooks.


If you’d like to try a few outstanding abrasives to get a feel for which ones could contribute to your operation, we have a special offer. For a limited time, if you buy an abrasives trial pack, you’ll get an abrasives storage cabinet with pegboard at no charge.


Organizing your abrasives with Kimball Midwest’s storage equipment can save you time and money. If you’re ready to get started on optimizing your shop, check in with your Kimball Midwest sales representative. If you don’t have one, we’d be happy to help you Find a Rep!

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