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Advantages of Carbide Cutting Tools

Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 26, 2023

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Kimball Midwest knows cutting tools are an important part of many operations, and accuracy and consistency are vital components of quality cutting tools. This is why we carry the best equipment to ensure you have maximum performance during your project. One of our highest performance equipment categories is our carbide cutting tools.


If you are in an industry that cuts into hard materials such as nickel or titanium, you know carbide cutting tools are a saving grace. They save you time, are durable, provide a much longer life when cutting into steel or other common materials and in many cases are a safer option.


Carbide cutting tools are used when the material is too hard for Super Primalloy®, high speed steel or cobalt cutting tool use. A solid carbide construction using micro-grain carbide provides superior durability and life to the cutting tool.


Here are some carbide options Kimball Midwest provides and some of their advantages:

  • Solid Carbide Drill Bits and Drill Bit Sets – hold very close hole tolerance and are designed for difficult materials. Our sets are also in a sleek wood case, a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays!
  • Roto-Kut Ultra™ Hole Cutters – Feature carbide teeth for extremely fast cutting action and prolonged service life.
  • Carbide Tip Tool Bits - Specialty bits used for turning, machining and cutting threads in steel, aluminum, brass and more.
  • Carbide Burs - Produced from metallurgically inspected carbides. Retains a cutting edge longer than high speed steel burs.
  • Carbide Inserts - Replaceable inserts for brake lathes provide high performance and long life for resurfacing brake drums and discs.

When you're working with the most difficult materials, choose carbide cutting tools to help you with the job. They will ensure an extended tool life and keep you working as efficiently as possible.


With so many options to choose from the list above, we know you might have questions for which option is best for your application. That is why Kimball Midwest sales representatives are here to help! Reach out to your representative today and ask about carbide cutting tools. If you do not already have a sales representative, we can help you Find a Rep!

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