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Ask The Expert: Drill Bits, Abrasives, and Cutting Tools

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 27, 2018

Tags: Abrasives, Cutting Tools, Drilling

When it comes to questions on a job, who do you turn to?

There’s not always an easy answer to every question or someone there to answer them as they pop up. That’s why we’ve turned to our in-house veteran experts to educate us on three of the most common questions they get on a daily basis:

1. Which drill bit do I use for Stainless Steel?
2. What kind of abrasive works on Aluminum?
3. What kind of cutting tool do I use for large diameter holes?

Click the video to learn the answers!

Do you have different questions you struggle with in your Maintenance, Repair, or Operations career? Hit us up in the comment section below and let us know what topics or specific questions you’d like us to shine a light on next!

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