Chuck These in Your Power Drill

When you think of power drills, drill bits probably come immediately to mind as well. And that’s understandable, considering drill bits are so widely used and extremely versatile. However, if you’re not putting some specialty bits in your drill chuck every so often, you’re not using your power drill to its full potential. These specialty items are often superior to drill bits, depending on the work you’re doing.

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Kimball Midwest Tools Make the Scariest Situations a Snap

The Scenario: You awaken in a strange, dingy room with yellowing walls and a musty smell that’s one part mildew and one part a stench you don’t want to imagine. You have no idea where you are, and the four cinderblock walls have but one steel door and just one window, covered with steel bars, giving no clue as to where you might be. A calendar on the wall shows October with an X over every day except for the 31st; it dawns on you today must be “Halloween.”

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A Quick History of Cutting Tools

One day, shortly after fire was harnessed and became a useful tool, a caveman decided trees were necessary to make more fire. After all, you can’t have fire without fuel. After trying to push the tree down, he picked up a stone and tried to knock the tree down with that. (Editor’s note: We’re just assuming here.)

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