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Ask The Expert: Fasteners, Crimpers, and Chemicals

Posted by Kimball Midwest on June 15, 2018

Tags: Fasteners, Electrical, Chemicals

When looking for technical answers around the shop, it’s not always easy to find consistent answers. That’s when you should turn to the experts.

Watch the video below to learn the answers to the following questions and get information about how to find answers to these questions in the future.
  1. How do you calculate the thread/shoulder length on a given fastener?
    • Helpful hint: The 9th edition of Inch Fastener Standards is seen on the table in the video. According to the Industrial Fasteners Institute, the book has been “referred to by industry as the 'Bible of the Fastener Industry' since the 1950s. This is a 'must have' for all companies that buy, sell, or install mechanical fasteners made to the inch standards.”
  2. What is the proper crimper to make a reliable electrical connection?
  3. How do you compare chemicals intended for the same purpose?
Click the video to learn the answers!

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