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Have a Maintenance Expert in Your Corner?

Posted by Kimball Midwest on June 8, 2018

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An Ohio sales representative dropped by a truck repair facility one day. The shop had been getting its MRO supplies from a variety of independent suppliers, but they liked what they heard from the sales rep and decided to give the new vendor a chance.

In less than a year, the shop’s partnership with the company and their local sales rep revolutionized their business.

“He’s very knowledgeable, extremely knowledgeable on the products he sells,” the customer said about his representative. “He brought along a very good attitude for the products he knows and wants to sell, and the products that also can help my shop be more productive and make money. He comes in every time I see him with his tote bag, shows me different products, and introduces us to things we didn’t even know were available.”

Always having the right maintenance, repair, and operations supplies on hand is great, but the best vendors can take the next step and be your connection to a variety of solutions that can help your business thrive.

That’s why finding a partner who can be your solutions expert is so important.

Productivity Expert

It can be difficult to find the right partner who will support your operation’s productivity and efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business, but with the right vendor, you don’t need to worry.


Industry Specialist

You should trust your MRO partner to bring relevant expertise to the table so they’re able to help when you need product advice.

They should have the training to answer basic or even more technical questions, and have the backup of a professional corporate staff to help with answers and more when needed.

Efficiency Analyst

A true solutions expert shouldn’t only answer questions. The strongest partners can analyze your operation and make proposals to take it to the next level.

This commitment to you is vital because we are committed to helping you find ways to make your shop more efficient and productive, lowering overall MRO costs.

Technology Pro

As technology develops, your business needs a partner who keeps current with the evolution and connects you with new technological tools to help your business prosper.

For example, True Partners is Kimball Midwest’s online program that allows customers to maximize profits, recover costs, and manage work orders. Basically, this program ensures your parts are accounted for, resulting in minimal financial loss.

We also have Storefront, our online store for customers that’s available 24/7 to supplement each sales rep’s outstanding service.


Mobile Master

Current technology is important for a supplier’s ordering system and catalog. Kimball Midwest recently released a new first-class mobile ordering system to its sales reps, allowing quick and accurate service, not to mention a searchable catalog app for Apple and Android devices.

Safety Driven

A solutions expert also can help keep your team safe with important safety knowledge, including quick access to Safety Data Sheets and offering safety seminars on topics relevant to your operation.

Demo Dynamo

Finally, a solutions expert should be able to show you their products in action, demonstrating a wide variety of solutions for your shop.

“Our rep knows what I’m looking for before I do,” a Utah customer said.

A solutions expert knows his or her stuff, but at the same time never stops learning, continuously pursuing relevant training and information to continue to be an unpaid employee, partner, and asset to your business.
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