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We Have Bundles of Cutting Tool Options for You

Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 14, 2021
If you’re in the market for cutting tools, be sure to ask your Kimball Midwest sales representative about our limited-time product bundles.

We’ve taken several items included in our Cutting Tools Promotion and bundled them together. Many of them include a tool and compatible product to use with the tool.

Here are the exciting options:

Geared Air Saw with 4” and 6” Blades

Our Geared Air Saw has a ½ horsepower motor to provide superior cutting action and faster job completion. It accepts 3” and 4” air saw blades or reciprocating saw blades up to 6” in length. Its light weight and low profile allow one-handed operation, and the adjustable air deflector directs exhaust safely.

The Cobalt-Maxx™ 4” Air Saw Blade Kit contains 20 blades that are ideal for cutting in high speed pneumatic air saw applications.

The Cobalt-Maxx™ All-Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit includes 20 blades with 8% cobalt cutting teeth to provide increased resistance to heat and wear for a long service life.

¼” Single Wrench Die Grinder with Black-Maxx™ 4-Piece Bur Set

Our ¼” Single Wrench Die Grinder has a powerful motor for fast job completion, and its quick-change design allows for easy accessory changes. Its universal collet is ideal for use with burs, flap wheels, deburring tools, end brushes, bore brushes, mounted points and anything with a ¼” shaft, including Type R disc holders.

The Black-Maxx 4-Piece Bur Set features four tungsten carbide burs for extreme stock removal with smooth running. The advanced coating offers superior heat dissipation, providing a long service life.

Step Reamer with Roto-Kut Hole Making Set

Our 3-Piece Step Reamer Set quickly enlarges holes in material up to ½” thick and offers five hole enlargement steps in 1/16” increments for accurate hole enlargement. The three flats on the shank help eliminate spinning or slipping in the chuck, and the chamfer on the next step deburrs the edge of the hole.

The 4-Piece Roto-Kut Mini Hole Cutter Set cuts sheet metal, metal plate, pipe, tubing and plastics up to ¼” or ½” thick, depending on the hole size. It lasts 300 times longer than hole saws, gets the job done with reduced effort and fatigue and offers a superior cutting performance, producing clean, burr-free holes.

Heavy Duty ½” Air Drill with Invader 2 Carbide Tip Index

Our High-Powered ½” Air Drill has a powerful motor that reduces labor time and motor bog when drilling into a variety of materials. Its variable speed helps increase cutting tool life, and its keyed chuck is ideal for use with almost any drill bit, hole saw or reamer with a shank size up to ½”.

The Super Primalloy Invader 2 Multi-Task Drill Bit Set drills almost any material, including metal, masonry, plastic, wood, fiberglass, marble, tile and more. It does a great job drilling through layers of different materials, such as metal supports and into concrete when installing concrete anchors.

Black-Maxx™ Bur Set and SST Drill Bit Index

Our 4-Piece Black-Maxx™ Bur Set is capable of extreme stock removal with our most aggressive, smoothest running bur. The coating offers exceptional heat dissipation, providing long service life, and the advanced teeth give you fast action and smooth performance.

The 15-Piece SST Super Primalloy Drill Set is the ultimate choice for non-ferrous metal. It can drill stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other non-ferrous metals faster and more efficiently than conventional drill bits. It penetrates quickly and features a 135-degree split point to eliminate the need for center punching.

These bundles are only available through October 29, 2021, so be sure to act now! If you’re seeing this post after that, you still can ask your representative about any current bundles that might be available. In either case, the first step is to Find a Rep!

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