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Ready for a Fine Finish? You’ve Gotta See Our Files!

Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 7, 2021

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Many times in a shop, you can look around and see who on your team is a rough-cut worker and who’s a finisher.

You expect precise work out of everyone, but it’s best to put people where their strengths lie.

More than that, it’s important to equip them with the right tools. And do we have the tools for you!

If you have delicate hand-finishing work in your shop – something as simple as removing burs – you really need to check out our files.

Our Crystal Kut Diamond Abrasive files provide unsurpassed life, ease of use and versatility when compared to conventional toothed files.

The premium industrial diamond abrasive grain is permanently bonded to a rigid steel shank, providing long tool life. The grain removes hardened tool steel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other tough alloys that standard toothed files are unable to cut. The non-loading design performs better than conventional files when used on aluminum, wood or other softer materials. Simply run the file under water and the buildup will rinse away — no need to use a file card.

These files are easy to use for several reasons, too. Unlike conventional toothed files that hang up when starting on the work surface, diamond abrasive files start smoothly with consistent pressure throughout the filing stroke. The comfort-grip handles reduce user fatigue, increase productivity and enhance precision and control. It also greatly reduces the possibility of injury by keeping the user’s hands and knuckles away from the workpiece.

Our Black Vortex and Black Vortex Ergo file sets are super tough, extra-sharp files with an extended life.

The black oxide finish penetrates the surface of the file for lasting durability. The finish resists loading and corrosion for easier filing, less cleaning and a smoother finish that provides extended service.

They remove material quickly and leave a smooth finish, perfectly ready for your next step, whether that’s finishing or installation.

The Ergo set has the same proven performance as our original Black Vortex™ files with the benefit of a comfort grip handle to reduce user fatigue, increase productivity and enhance precision and control. It also greatly decreases the possibility of injury by keeping the user's hands and knuckles away from sharp, jagged metals.

But our files aren’t just for finishing and smoothing. We have some that are meant for repairing, too. Our Thread Restoring File set restores, reshapes and cleans damaged, dirty or otherwise unusable threads.

They are easy to use, too. Simply line up the thread file using the remaining undamaged threads and draw through the damaged threads to straighten and realign them.

The protective hand grip easily slides onto the non-filing end of the thread file to provide a secure, comfortable grip. And best of all, they are made in the USA.

So, if you want to check out our files, you need to Find a Rep!
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