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Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 16, 2020

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Cutting tools are a vital part of many maintenance, repair and operations outfits. Just a quick glance at Kimball Midwest’s cutting tools main page gives you a clear view of the wide variety in our cutting tools product line.

Here are six products that might be right for your shop. Some of them are among our most popular cutting tools, while others are relatively new arrivals, but it’s likely at least one could help you get the job done in the coming months.

29-Piece Super Primalloy Ultra Step Drill Bit Set

The micro-center stepped drill point on these bits eliminates the need for center punching or pilot holes, and the tip geometry helps reduce heat buildup for long service life.

They provide a clean, burr-free cut in soft and hard metal and can be used on sheet metal without deformation of the substrate.

The American-made set is made of a premium, M-series alloy to provide superior strength and extended tool life, and the three flats on the shank eliminate chuck slippage.

3-Piece Step Reamer Set

These reamers are quick and accurate and will enlarge holes in material up to 1/2” thick. Each has five hole enlargement steps in 1/16” increments for accurate hole enlargement.

They accurately enlarge holes while the chamfer on the next step deburrs the edge of the hole, and a black oxide finish provides added lubricity to quickly extract cut material.

Super Primalloy Frame Master Hole Enlarger

These enlargers are a fast, easy, safe and cost-effective way to create larger diameter holes or enlarge existing holes, replacing reamers and other tools. The four-flute design eliminates catching and hogging-in experience with conventional drills and reamers with some thinner materials.

The rotary propeller point design eliminates cutting lip breakages experienced when using conventional drills to enlarge existing holes, and the short length allows them to be used in hard-to-reach areas.

The American-made set is composed of high-molybdenum steel that withstands the extra stress of enlarging holes, and a ferro-gold surface treatment provides superior surface lubricity for a fast, smooth cutting action.

4-Piece Black Maxx Bur Set

As our most aggressive, smoothest running bur, the advanced Black Maxx design provides extreme stock removal. With a black titanium aluminum nitride coating, it offers superior heat dissipation and long service life.

The teeth and coating combine to provide rapid stock removal on conventional mild steel and stainless steel. It’s up to 35% faster than conventional burs on steel and up to six times faster than conventional burs on stainless steel. Faster stock removal means quicker job completion.

This American-made set contains a cylindrical flat end, a cylindrical radius end, a ball end and a tree pointed end. All offer smooth performance, reduced thermal discoloration and extreme durability.

Extractors and Stubby Left-Hand Drill Bit Set

Left-hand stubby drill bits offer a short flute and overall length, which increases rigidity and provides increased control for creating centered holes in broken fasteners. The left-hand drill rotation often will cause the fastener to back out during drilling, eliminating the need to use the screw extractors to remove broken fasteners.

The extractors are made of forged construction, providing superior strength, increased breakage resistance and better tool life. They are designed for secure, reliable extraction with minimal expansion and deformation of the broken part.

This American-made set contains five stubby left-hand drill bits and five extractors.

Cryo-Gen Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

The enhanced Cobalt-Maxx™ tooth design and extended heat-treating process yields a dramatically faster, longer lasting blade. Ninety hours of cryogenic treatment cycles the blades to -300 degrees Fahrenheit to provide enhanced durability in high-heat and stressful applications.

The shatterproof design provides maximum safety, and optimized tooth configurations provide fast cutting in a wide range of applications. The 1/2” tang fits all popular reciprocating saws.

This kit contains 20 American-made blades (five each of 10-, 14-, 18- and 24-tooth) in a blow molded case.

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