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Avoid the Bur-dens of Brittle, Broken Burs

Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 1, 2019

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Not all carbide burs are created equal. Some are simply better than others. Kimball Midwest’s Bur-Maxx Tungsten Carbide bur may just be the best bur we’ve ever made.

The Bur-Maxx Tungsten Carbide bur’s titanium nitride coating increases cutting performance and can double the life of the bur. The patented tooth geometry helps the bur cut up to twice as fast as other burs similarly coated.

If you work with metal for a living, why would you use anything else?

The bur geometry also reduces vibration, chattering and stress while in use and leave the workpiece with a superior finish appearance, requiring less rework.

The burs are ideal for stock and weldment removal of mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, alloys and other ferrous metals.

If the Bur-Maxx isn’t what you are looking for, we have two more, one specially made for stainless steel.

The Black Maxx Steel™ and Black Maxx™ Stainless Steel are the smoothest, most aggressive burs we’ve ever introduced.

Black Maxx™ Stainless Steel is specifically designed for the unique needs of professionals working with stainless steel. The non-cross cut geometry prevents metal loading, dissipating heat that often builds up when working with hardened alloy metals. It cuts six times faster on stainless steel than a conventional bur.

The aggressive semi-cross cut Black Maxx™ Steel has a tooth design that removes stock and resists chipping better than a conventional bur. It cuts up to 35% faster than conventional burs on steel.

Both are coated in black titanium aluminum nitride to dissipate heat and improve longevity. The finished product is smooth with reduced thermal discoloration. With the Black Maxx™, you cut faster and you’re more productive.

There are plenty of burs to help you get the job done, and Kimball Midwest Stocks more than 200 variations of shapes, coatings and sets.

To learn more about our burs and all they can do for you, or if you want to see this impressive demo in person, Find A Rep
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