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Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 4, 2024

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This month, your Kimball Midwest sales representative is highlighting our electrical products.


Depending on how long you’ve been a Kimball Midwest customer, you might not know just how broad our electrical product line is. Now is the perfect time to further explore it and find out what else we can supply you to keep the current flowing.


Here are three categories that many shops buy from us and a related product line you might be missing out on:


If you buy terminals, did you know we have wire?


Kimball Midwest offers an extensive selection of wire for virtually any use case, but if you’re looking for the best, consider pairing our SXL wire with our Pro-Tech Nytrex Heat Shrink Terminals.


Our SXL wire offers superior resistance to weather, abrasion, temperature extremes and chemicals. That extreme durability extends life, reducing the frequency of replacement. The premium stranded copper conductors work in conditions from -60° to 350°F.


No matter which wire is right for your operation, we have many electrical assortments to get you the materials you need at a greater value.


If you buy battery lugs, did you know we have battery cable?


Kimball Midwest stocks three battery cable options: SGX Cross-Link Cable, PVC Battery/Starter Cable and Welding Cable.


SGX Cross-Link Cable is the most durable. It is ideal for applications that experience UV exposure, excess heat, chemicals and more.


Welding Cable is the most flexible option. In addition to welding applications, it can be used for battery or starter cable in situations where tight access makes routing traditional battery cable difficult.


PVC Battery/Starter Cable is the more basic option for less demanding applications.


If you buy wire, cable or battery lugs, did you know we have heat shrink tubing and loom?


Heat shrink tubing can be used to prevent damage from abrasion, corrosion or moisture. It can also be used to color code tools, equipment, circuits or hoses, along with many other uses.


Dual-wall heat shrink tubing with sealant bonds to the wire to provide protection from moisture and corrosion It also is more durable and resistant to stress and vibration.


Single-wall heat shrink tubing is less resistant to moisture and stress, but it provides increased flexibility.


We also have several more specialized options, including Hi-Flow, Heavy Duty 6:1 and Cold Shrink, that might better fit your shop’s needs.


We hope these questions have given you some more ideas about how your Kimball Midwest sales representative can connect you with the right products to meet your electrical needs. If you’re not already a Kimball Midwest customer, we’d be happy to help you Find a Rep!

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