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Organization Through Electrical Shop Setups

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 28, 2024

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The size of your business, the equipment you use and what industry you’re in can determine so much of what maintenance, repair and operation services you need. Kimball Midwest knows one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we have designed several Electrical Shop Setups in a variety of sizes and uses to best fit your organization and product needs.


Our Electrical Shop Setups range from small to extra large with several standard or premium options. Of course, like all our Shop Setups no matter the product category, customization can be done with add-ons and additional assortments attached.


This means a complete custom look for all customer needs, big or small. So, what are some of the ways Electrical Shop Setups might be perfect for your shop?

  • Product variety
  • Longer lasting repairs
  • Limits downtime for repairs

How are we able to ensure the above list? Let’s take a look at our Premium Electrical Shop Setup options, as they speak for themselves.


Premium Small

When you upgrade to the Premium Small Electrical Shop Setup, you will receive superior products including heat shrink terminals, dual wall tubing for greater durability, and a cable tie rack and fuse holder drawer.


Premium Medium

Upgrading to the Premium Medium Electrical Shop Setup comes with 10 premium product upgrades including more heat shrink terminals, heat shrink tubing, insulated steel clamps and wire spools.


Premium Large

If you are looking for even more bang for your buck, our Premium Large Electrical Shop Setup includes upgraded heat shrink terminals, heavy-duty cable clamps, SGX battery cable, dual-wall heat shrink tubing and cross-link wire. Additionally, this setup includes five tools: ratcheting crimper, heat shrink gun, cable stripper, cutter and a wire stripping gun.


To make each of these setups customized further to your needs or to cover a product category you might not have yet, our add-on options are a perfect solution.


Kimball Midwest Add-On Electrical Shop Setups are a great addition to any configuration, offering wire racks, heat shrink rolls, drawers and more.


Auto terminals and wire racks (SXL Primary Wire and PVC Primary Wire) are two of our most popular add-on options. These cover all the extra pieces you might need, saving you time running out of the shop to find what you need.


With all these great Shop Setup options and ways for customization, Kimball Midwest is your obvious choice for servicing your maintenance, repair and operations products. If you would like to learn more about our Shop Setups and how they could benefit your business, reach out to your sales representative today. If you do not already have one, we can help you Find a Rep!

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