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Fight Back Against the Weather

Posted by Kimball Midwest on December 2, 2021

Tags: Winter, Cold-Weather

The harsh winter months pose many issues that can put a strain on your vehicles, equipment, employees and your entire business. From the snow, slush and ice in the north to the cold and rain in the south.

Thankfully Kimball Midwest offers a wide selection of products to address these issues head-on so you can get back to what you do best.

While many of these products are made with the winter months in mind, they can also be used any time of year when conditions may not be ideal.

We have many safety products that can help keep you safe on the job, starting with gloves, absorbent traction mats, our Traction-Max Non-Skid Epoxy Coating and Traction Tape, which can protect shop employees from falls, a common cause of injuries employees deal with. With the High Visibility and Maxx Grit Traction Tape, you aren’t just getting slip resistance, you’re getting peace of mind.

We also want to help you take care of your vehicles and those who drive them. Getting vehicles ready for winter can be the difference between being on the job and being on the side of the road. Clear Plus Wiper Blades have a beam blade design and a hinge-less frame to provide superior windshield contact and increased visibility in even the most extreme weather conditions. You also can treat your vehicles’ windows with Aquapel®, which helps make rain bead up and slide off, improving visibility even more.

We also have our own Silicone Heater Hose, which is specially designed to remain flexible and effective down to
-65°F. This hose conforms to expansion and contraction of metal engine connectors, eliminating “cold water leaks.”

To help maintain winter equipment, we also have grade 8 plow bolts to make sure everything on your plow is secure and ready to go when the weather moves in.

Cold temps mixed with moisture can be detrimental to equipment exposed to the elements and exterior surfaces, but we have a couple great products to help minimize the damage. Rust Master™ Plus is perfect for bringing rusted and exposed metal back to life. It converts rust and leaves behind a durable polymeric coating that resists moisture and prevents future rust. It can be applied to a wide variety of metal surfaces.

Kim-Seal Weatherproofing is a superior weatherproofing sealant that waterproofs almost any surface where moisture presents a problem without cracking or peeling.

So, no matter what you are looking for, we know we have the products to help you keep your employees, vehicles and facilities safe. All you need to do to get the products you need is Find a Rep.

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