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How to Organize Fluid Flow

Posted by Kimball Midwest on July 20, 2023

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Organizing your shop’s fluid flow products is among the most important components of keeping your facility in good working order.

Disorganized hose is an instant disaster, making it hard to find and use, often creating a significant safety hazard. In addition, hydraulic fittings come in almost infinite variety and require sensible and clear organization to make finding what you need quick and easy.

Using compatible hose and fittings is key to a quality repair, and disorganization gets in the way of doing so efficiently.

Kimball Midwest offers the tools you need to keep fluid flowing, with bins, racks, reels, pegboards and more, plus color coding and other solutions to keep small parts in order.

We have hydraulic hose cabinets that either stand alone or come as a group, depending on the amount of hose you need to store. Our largest offering has seven hose spaces that can be bolted together and placed on a stand.

If you’re dealing with bulky or large-diameter hose, look no further than the setup designed for larger capacity.

In some situations, the Heavy Duty Hose/Wire Reel Rack is the right storage solution. Its variable height allows for storage of large and small spools on the same rack, and each beam can support up to 350 pounds.

For air hoses and other pneumatic hoses you’re using frequently that need to extend across the shop, consider the Kimflex™ Ultra Hose Reel. It’s durable, with heavy duty construction providing long service life in demanding shop environments. It also offers versatile mounting, reliable retraction and a full-flow design.

Once you have your hose squared away, it’s time to check on hose clamps. There, you have a couple of options. Pegboards with display hooks can be mounted to virtually any surface and provide maximum flexibility, while hose clamp racks can come designed to hold both smaller and larger clamps.

As in all product categories, if you choose the fluid flow Shop Setup or assortment that’s right for your shop, you won’t need to worry about storage equipment because it will come with your items.

Shop Setups are a pre-selected group of assortments and items designed to capture essential product you will need for a variety of tasks. They provide all necessary storage equipment to keep your shop organized at a discounted price and are billed as one item for ease. We offer up to four sizes with the opportunity to enhance your Shop Setup to a premium option.

We encourage you to mix and match among these options to get the vital storage equipment you need to keep your shop safe, organized and productive.

Our DOT and non-DOT fluid flow options have no product overlap, so you can pair them for complete coverage. You also can pair our fluid flow products with other related categories for convenient storage that fits how your team works.

If you need help finding the right fluid flow organizational strategy, your Kimball Midwest sales representative would be honored to help. If you don’t have one, we are here to help you Find a Rep.

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