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Keep Your Vehicles Shining This Summer

Posted by Kimball Midwest on July 27, 2023

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The summer sun is here to stay for a while, which has many people thinking about fun activities like road trips and weekend getaways. But with all the summer adventures going on, we often overlook a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance – washing them.

Even though you don’t have to worry about road salt and slush like in winter, it is still important to keep vehicles clean and spotless. Keeping your car or fleet vehicles clean goes beyond mere aesthetics; it plays a significant role in ensuring their longevity and efficiency.

Regularly washing your vehicles helps maintain its paint job and prevents dirt, debris and harmful contaminants from damaging the paint and body. Road grime, bird droppings, tree sap and bug splatters are not only unsightly but can also corrode and deteriorate the paint over time, leading to costly repairs or decreased resale value.

Cleaning your vehicles regularly also helps with safety. Dust, dirt and mud accumulated on the windows, mirrors and lights can significantly impair visibility, especially during adverse weather conditions. By washing vehicles regularly, you ensure optimal visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road.

Here are a few products Kimball Midwest offers that will keep your vehicles shining this summer:


Glisten’s powerful cleaning action washes away dirt, road film, bugs, oil and more. Not only does it wash vehicles, but it provides a waxed shine – all in one step. It only requires as little as one ounce per gallon of water, so you can keep your vehicles clean and shining all summer long.

Bug, Tar & Asphalt Remover

With this remover, you can get rid of the toughest contaminants on your vehicles including sticky road grime, tree sap, bug debris and bird residue. Its foaming formula is safe for most automotive surfaces.

Gloss Guard

To get that extra shine, try a high gloss spray. Our Gloss Guard is an easy way to get a professional, hand-waxed finish – without the high price tag! It contains genuine Carnauba wax for a tough, durable wax coating that helps prevent finish oxidation.

If you are running low on time, our Gloss Guard 2 instantly produces a deep, high gloss finish. Just spray on and wipe off.

Glass Cleaners

Don’t forget about mirrors, windows and windshields when cleaning your vehicles. Kimball Midwest has a full line of glass cleaners to keep them spotless and safe.

Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

This high-performance wheel cleaner penetrates and removes tough road grime and deposits. Its foaming actions helps lift contaminants to eliminate the need for heavy scrubbing and brushing.

Microfiber Towels

Don’t use just any old rag or towel to dry your vehicles. Not only are they absorbent, but they won’t scratch the paint. Microfiber towels leave no contaminating lint, particles or residue on clean surfaces.

If you want your vehicles to be clean and shining this summer, we are here to help. Your Kimball Midwest representative can suggest the best car washing products for your needs. If you don’t already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep.

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