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Get Yourself Clean and Organized in the New Year

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 8, 2020

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And here we are in 2020. The calendar has officially changed, and you’ve dusted off that bench and your five-year plan to take a look at where you are headed.

What’s in store this year? Are you resolved to get organized? Get rid of things you don’t use? Update your tools?

Whatever it is, we have the products and knowledge to help you do all that and more, not only this year, but in years to come.

An Organized Shop is a Happy Shop

When it comes to organization, you are really talking about saving time. What you don’t want to do is spend 10 minutes of every hour looking for a part you know you have but simply can’t find. Our Maintenance Efficiency Center is a big-time solution to manage your inventory, know what you have on hand and make it easy to find.

We offer everything it takes to keep you organized, including aerosol storage, drawers, bins, bases, dispensers, mobile carts and more!

Any of these helps you keep track of your stock, know what you need to order and keep you running on time. And now is the best time to purchase because we are in the middle of our Assortments Promotion with special deals on some of our most popular items including more than 800 assortments!

All of the Lights!

Maybe you got that reference and maybe you didn’t, but you know you can work a lot better in a well-lit area. Maybe your old work lights and trouble lights need an update? Want to make a switch to LED? Need a set that’s easy to daisy chain and light an entire floor during a revamp? That’s where our Portable LED Work Light is your best bet. One of the newest items added to our line, each lamp provides 12,000 lumens of ultra-bright white light.

Flashlights and pen lights also are handy gadgets to make sure your crew can see what they need to at a moment’s notice.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

If you are regularly drilling through steel and you aren’t using our Super Primalloy drill bits, boy do we have the product for you. I mean seriously, you have to watch this video. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

I mean, seriously? If you don’t want to find something to drill into right now, check your pulse. We sell them individually, in 29-piece sets, in 56-piece sets, 115-piece sets and in full cabinets. Couple that with extractors, countersinks, reamers and pipe threads, and we really do have everything you need to cut through steel.

If You Have Time to Lean, You Have Time to Clean!

OK, so you’ve hit a slow spot. It happens. It’s the ebbs and flows of business. And hopefully it only lasts a day or two. Instead of sending your crew home early and cutting their hours, which you know you don’t want to do, make sure you are stocked up on products to clean your shop and make it look appealing to your customer.

While it certainly isn’t your top priority, a clean shop sends an important message to those coming in to get work done. Our full line of cleaning supplies will do everything from clean your benches and hands to collect your refuse and polish your floors.

If you decide you need a hand getting your shop set up for 2020, Find A Rep.
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