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Drawers Help You Get Organized

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 15, 2020

Tags: Organization, Storage Equipment, Efficiency

In the MRO world, one of the biggest challenges many people face is organization. The coffee can holding leftover bits, fasteners and other items is a reliable presence in most shops.

But that’s not much of a solution for keeping your MRO supplies organized and accessible when you need them. You need the right tool to do that job, and in many cases that tool is a drawer.

Kimball Midwest offers two sizes of drawers: large (18” wide by 12” deep by 3” high) and small (13-1/4” wide by 9-1/4” deep by 2” high).

Large drawers frequently are used to hold many MRO items. They come with or without latches and with the right number of compartments for your needs, from as few as six (vertical or horizonal) to as many as 32, or even more with adjustable options.

Most of Kimball Midwest’s selection of more than 700 assortments comes in large drawers, but our sales representatives can help you craft a custom variety that meets your specific needs. We also make empty large drawers available to help you enhance the organization of your shop’s existing supplies.

Small drawers also can hold many smaller MRO items. They also have several compartment options, from 16 to 24, plus an adjustable option. They are ideal for storage in a small area, such as on a counter or in a service vehicle.

If you need to store even larger things in a drawer, such as tools, a double-deep drawer is the right answer.

For all of these drawers, of course you’ll need the right rack and/or stand to hold them, and don’t forget an angled rack topper to help discourage a random mess from being left above your freshly organized drawers!

While a single drawer can help, especially in a smaller shop, the real efficiencies are driven by the organization of your entire MRO setup. That’s where the Kimball Midwest Maintenance Efficiency Center comes into play.

An MEC is a set of four assortments that’s offered at a special price. And since you can choose any four of our 700+ assortments, an MEC is the perfect solution for your needs.

With so many options, it can be confusing to try to find the right drawers for your needs. That’s where a Kimball Midwest sales representative can help with a free shop survey to start your team on the path to better organization and productivity. Sound good? Then click here to Find A Rep
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