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How to Build a Maintenance Efficiency Center

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 5, 2019

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Organization is critical when it comes to the smooth, efficient operation of your shop. When you have a place for every part and every part in its place, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to search for what you need. Having everything organized also allows you to see when you need to restock.

It’s especially important to have your nickel and dime parts organized. These smaller items tend to get misplaced or jumbled together easily, leading to increased downtime because you either need to search for a specific part or run out to buy more. In addition, you can’t track how much or how little inventory you have if it isn’t sorted and labeled properly, which can hurt your MRO budget.
What is the best way to organize these small parts and maximize efficiency? Building a Maintenance Efficiency Center (MEC) is an excellent solution. MECs keep small nuisance items organized, making them quick and easy to find and track. This helps increase your shop’s productivity and reduces downtime and overall MRO expenses.
A Maintenance Efficiency Center consists of four drawers that fit into a rack and stand. Each drawer contains an assortment of similar items, which are sorted into separate compartments. The drawers are labeled on the outside according to the type of assortments they contain, and lid charts are attached inside to allow for quick identification of items. The lid charts also feature bar codes for each item to make reordering easy.
You can build an MEC according to your shop’s needs. With 700 assortments available in thousands of combinations, you can get the small parts you need and use most often.
With so many options, it may be difficult to know where to start. Some of the more popular assortments include:
If you need more drawers, you can order additional MECs. They are stackable to maximize space in your shop. You also have the option of adding a 40-hole bin assortment, which includes a stand and complete labeling.
With the MEC program, you are not just getting efficient organization for your shop, you are also getting a trained inventory specialist. Your Kimball Midwest sales representative will stop by to check your inventory, keep things organized and restock needed parts. If you want to maximize organization and efficiency in your shop, 
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