Electrical Safety Starts with Your Equipment

Even if you don’t perform electrical work, you already know the serious harm electricity can cause if you don’t use the proper safety precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 739 U.S. workers died from electricity exposure between 2012 and 2016. Of those fatalities, 47 percent occurred in construction and extraction occupations and 22 percent in installation, maintenance and repair occupations. In that same time frame 9,760 U.S. workers were injured in electrical accidents.

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Hydraulic Hose: What You Need to Know

Hydraulic hoses don’t look like much, but as part of a fluid flow system, they perform incredibly demanding work. They carry fluids under tremendous pressure, providing the power required to drill through rock, move earth, lift heavy loads and enable other complex operations.

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Gear to go With Your Cutting Tools

So you’ve picked out the right cutting tool for the job? That’s great, but before you get started, don’t neglect a few key categories of things you’ll need to get the job done right: cutting tool fluids, safety equipment and deburring tools.

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