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How to Prevent Falls in your Workplace

Posted by Kimball Midwest on September 22, 2017

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Did you know that falls are the leading cause of death in the workplace? While your employer should be taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety, there are also things you can do to make sure you avoid falls.
  1. Wear Slip Resistant Shoes:
    High-traction shoes will help you avoid falls that could lead to injuries. There are many types of slip resistant shoes on the market, even those that are steel

  2. Buckle Up:
    Using the right harnesses when on elevated surfaces will prevent you from falling. Make sure the harness fits correctly and is properly fastened.

    Wearing your seat belt while operating heavy equipment is also an easy way to prevent a fall. If you drive a forklift, backhoe, or any vehicle of the sort, tipping and sudden stops pose a danger. Protect yourself by buckling up.

  3. Mats:
    Stand on dry mats while you work. This will provide a solid surface for you to perform your job on without running the risk of slipping.

  4. Spills:
    Spills in the workplace can be very dangerous. It is important to have towels on hand to clean up. If it's a large spill, we recommend super absorbents to soak up the mess.

  5. Climbing:
    If your job requires a ladder, make sure it’s properly locked before you step on. If not, it will not hold your weight and could break or buckle.

    While it may seem like common sense, you should always ensure that all the feet of the ladder are firmly placed on the floor or ground. If it’s placed on an uneven surface, you are more likely to fall.

  6. Be Aware of your Environment:
    You should always be aware of your workplace surroundings. If you are working outside, the weather can affect your environment.  If it is raining, the surface you are working on can be slick, increasing the likelihood of a fall.

    Falls are easy to prevent if you take the proper precautions. Safety always takes extra time, but it’s worth it.

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