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It's Time To Get Green and Growing

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 20, 2023

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Spring has officially sprung! The trees, grass and plants are starting to get green and grow new life. It’s time to start preparing for the new growth that spring brings.

While this time of year might look a little different for everyone depending on location, it’s still a perfect time to refresh, clean or service your shop, house or storefront. Kimball Midwest has a variety of superior products for this time of year to keep you and your business green and growing.

Spring Cleaning

Each year, you might dread the thought of what spring cleaning entails. With new supplies from Kimball Midwest, you will be ready to jump into cleaning.

To have the proper hand protection when cleaning, make sure to have the gloves for the specific task at hand. For cleaning items such as brush and weeds, we have several reusable options. If you are using chemicals, however, we do have disposable options.

Another item on your list of things to clean might involve sweeping out spaces that have been closed off during the winter months. We have a wide variety of brooms, brushes and dust pans depending on the size of the space that needs swept out.

After those long winter months, you might start to notice green growth, often moss, in places such as building siding, sidewalks, windows and other concrete areas. To combat further growth, updating your pressure washer hoses, accessories and squeegees should make the job easier and last you through the summer season, as well.

Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Speaking of green growth, we have a lot of products to help you maintain landscapes and gardens. Starting with greenery you don’t want, our Vacate™ Non-Selective Total-Kill Herbicide is perfect for maintaining unwanted vegetation.

For greenery you do want, a basic need for most landscaping and gardening are a good garden hose, a hose nozzle and a Y hose valve for watering new plants, trees and shrubs.

Additionally, a lot of people will be putting down mulch or fresh soil this time of year. Having new tarps makes for an easy clean up or can protect items from heavy rains and late frosts. Many times, tarps wear down from outdoor exposure due to UV rays. Kimball Midwest has the perfect UV resistant tarp for your outdoor needs.

Miscellaneous Spring Items

Something you might not think about when spring cleaning is the influx of insects and pests. They have laid dormant all winter and are back, for better or worse. We have a variety of chemicals to keep insects and pests under control.

Other outdoor items you may need include all-weather cable ties, hydration, outdoor extension cords and utility/pocketknives.

If you’re not sure where to start on your spring cleaning, a Kimball Midwest sales representative can help you find the right products for the right task. If you do not have a sales representative, we can help you Find a Rep.

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