Discover the Chemicals Your Shop Needs

Kimball Midwest releases new products each spring to help shop owners like you find exactly what you are looking for and what you need for your shop.

In the new product release this spring, you can find a variety of chemicals to try out in your shop and keep things running efficiently.

Here, we highlight some of these newly released chemicals and provide details on best uses so you can hit the ground running when they come to your shop.

One Punch 2 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels

One Punch 2 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels provide a powerful cleaning performance with a lemon scent. Because of their special fiber texture, these towels remove tough grease and grime without leaving grit on the skin and without drying, chapping or cracking hands. The wipes are ideal for mobile applications where water is not available. It’s a great product to keep in service vehicles.

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Think Spring! Clean Your Shop

Winter still holds some of the country in its icy grip, but it’s not too early to think about cleaning up your shop for spring. Lucky for you, Kimball Midwest offers a full range of cleaning supplies formulated for industrial use. Here are some of our top picks to help you make your list and get ready for spring!

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Parking Lot Planning, Prepping and Painting

Spring is in the air (depending on where you live), and thoughts are turning to the outdoors. If your area had a bad winter, your parking lot may need a refresh. Faded striping is not only unsightly, it is unsafe. So, too, is any damage to the pavement caused by winter conditions. If your parking lot is pocked with potholes, cracks and other damage, you should consider replacing or resurfacing before you do any painting.

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