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Keep it Clean, Folks!

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 13, 2022

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It’s the first weeks of the 2022, and that means it’s time to organize for many. Many tried to organize in the last few days of 2021 to give themselves a clean start heading into the new year.

Some have built shelves, some have purchased them from big box stores, but they can’t get exactly what they need to keep their parts in order. Their solutions aren’t your solutions anyway.

At Kimball Midwest, we make sure to get you what you need so your shop runs the way you want it to.

That may mean a smaller setup with just a bolt bin or one set of drawers. Or it may mean a 20-foot wall with everything imaginable ready at your fingertips. Whatever you want, we have it.

And with special pricing available on nearly 700 assortments throughout January and February, it’s a great opportunity to get a wide variety of products and improve your shop’s organization and efficiency at a discount.

We have cabinets and can holders and wheel dispensers and gravity feeds and … you get the picture.

We also have several special deals on our storage equipment. Depending on what you purchase during January and February, you could qualify for a free piece of storage equipment, helping you not only have the things you need on hand, but a way to keep them organized, too.

So, if you want to get organized, all you have to do is click here to Find a Rep.
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