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New Year, New Assortments

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 6, 2022

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Welcome to 2022! With the turn of the calendar comes a lot of change, and many shops find this is a good time of year to reorganize for efficiency and cleanliness.

Kimball Midwest can help! We have some great new options for your operation with more than 20 new assortments launching this month. We’re sure to have some new drawers that will be right for your team!

Here, we will highlight three of many product lines with new assortment offerings we’re most excited about. Each of these is designed to be sold as a complete setup, but they are available individually, as well.
These three sets offer all the configurations we offer of their respective product, so there isn’t something odd that you’re missing. You have everything on hand when you need it. These complete offerings are a value when bought together – a great way to save money while getting organized.

40-232-8 – Pro-Tech™ Extreme Complete Setup [22-18 – 40-232-5, 16-14 – 40-232-6, 12-10 – 40-232-7]

We’re greatly expanding our line of Pro-Tech™ Extreme Heat Shrink Terminals, our most durable terminals for the most reliable electrical and mechanical connections in the most demanding applications. The nylon inner insulation layer provides wide temperature resistance and dielectric strength in addition to superior abrasion and puncture resistance.

The meltable inner liner provides additional pull-out resistance while sealing the connection for an extremely weatherproof and waterproof assembly. It shrinks easily with a heat gun, torch or lighter.

The three-drawer set includes 22-18, 16-14, and 12-10 butt connectors, ring, spade, snap and quick slide terminals.

40-563-01 – Kimposite Push Connect Complete Setup [1/8” and 5/32” – 40-563-02, 1/4" and 5/16” – 40-563-03, 3/8” – 40-563-04, 1/2" – 40-563-05]

We’re also introducing a master assortment set for the Kimposite Push Connect line, which offers a cost-effective solution for instant tubing connections.

The four-drawer set includes unions, male connectors, union elbows, male elbows, tees,
45° elbows, “Y” and bulkhead unions.

40-235-4 – Ultra-Link Crimp and Solder Complete Setup [22-18 – 40-235-1, 16-14 – 40-235-2, 12-10 – 40-235-3]

In addition, we’ve created a three-drawer set of Ultra-Link Crimp and Solder Terminals.

These brazed seam crimp connectors provide secure mechanical connections, and they provide connections with superior current flow and the highest tensile strength.

The set includes 22-18, 16-14 and 12-10 butt connectors, ring, spade, snap and quick slide terminals.

Also be sure to check out these other new offerings:

Pro-Tech Commercial Grade Assortments (40-232-1, 40-232-2 and 40-232-3)

Heavy-Duty Non-Insulated Terminal Assortment (40-230-2)

Poly Tubing Assortments (40-559-6 and 40-559-7)

Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Master Assortment (40-230-8)

Not sure which of these might be right for you? Your Kimball Midwest sales representative would be happy to help. If you don’t have one, all you need to do is Find a Rep.
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