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KM-USA Grade 8 Cap Screws

Grade 8 Cap Screws Get the Job Done

Posted by Kimball Midwest on May 16, 2024

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When it comes to cap screw reliability, you don’t want to take any chances. Cap screws, especially top-of-the-line ones such as Grade 8, are used in critical applications in industries such as construction, agriculture, mining and many others. In many cases, failure could be catastrophic.


At Kimball Midwest, we understand the need for reliable Grade 8 cap screws, and that’s why we offer the KM-USA High Head Grade 8 Cap Screw line.



The KM-USA line contains several attractive features that combine to make it stand out among Grade 8 cap screws:


High Head

The KM-USA line has a 20% higher head than a standard cap screw, providing increased torque and making it easier to install without hurting your knuckles.



As you might gather from the name, the KM-USA line is 100% American-made from steel melted and rolled in the USA. That assures the highest quality.



The proprietary KM-USA head mark provides 100% traceability, with each lot traceable back to the raw material.


Chamfered Point

A 30-degree chamfered point on every KM-USA cap screw makes threading easier, assisting the assembly process.


High Strength Chrome Alloy Steel

The outstanding steel used to produce the KM-USA line provides at least 150,000 psi minimum tensile strength.


Superior Plating and Precision Rolled Threads

The KM-USA line has excellent RoHS compliant zinc yellow trivalent plating along with precision rolled threads, giving you the quality you expect for demanding applications.


KM Launches KMUSA (body)

In addition to cap screws, the KM-USA line combines with washers, nuts and torque-tension nuts to create the ultimate matched Grade 8 system. The washers and nuts also offer complete traceability back to the US made steel wire they are made from and are heat-treated to produce maximum holding power.


Transitioning from Grade 5 to Grade 8 can improve the reliability of operations and give you piece of mind. Remember, an assembly is only as strong as its weakest link!


KM-USA High Head Grade 8 Cap Screws are available exclusively through Kimball Midwest’s team of more than 1,500 Sales Reps serving customers across the continental United States.


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