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Looking Ahead to the New Year

Posted by Kimball Midwest on January 5, 2023

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2023 is here! The new year brings the excitement of looking ahead to what the future will hold. Maybe you are ready to plan for new beginnings and goals for your business.

Kimball Midwest understands the new year brings great anticipation for what’s to come. That’s why we are prepared to help your shop achieve its goals this year.

Here are two common goals you might want to achieve this year and ways Kimball Midwest can help you accomplish them.

This year, we will organize the shop.

There are several ways Kimball Midwest can help you get your shop organized. A sales rep can evaluate your current setup and introduce you to the new storage equipment launched in 2022, find better hose storage for hard-to-store hydraulic hose, introduce you to our new shop setups introduced on January 1 and provide you with bin toppers.

  • Our 2023 new shop setups are an exciting addition to any shop! These setups provide cohesive organization to fit your space. These setups are available in different categories and in multiple sizes to fit a variety of needs.
  • Storage equipment launched in 2022 could be the perfect addition by adding that extra space if you have outgrown your current setup. It’s a perfect solution for any accumulating clutter around the shop.
  • Kimball Midwest makes finding hose solutions easy by providing a wide range of options. Hose storage is very important in a shop to prevent tripping hazards and keeping things tidy.
  • Lastly, bin toppers are an important addition to any setup to eliminate clutter from accruing on top of your setup.

Adding the above items to get your shop organized will help you feel ready to take on any project thrown your way this year.

This year, we will upgrade this in our shop.

Perhaps you are already organized for the year but would like to make some upgrades. A great place to start is looking at Kimball Midwest’s branded items. Kimball Midwest-branded hose saws and crimping equipment are great items to upgrade in your shop to make sure you are ready and able to service hydraulic equipment.

If you have one or both of these goals, reach out to your Kimball Midwest sales rep to see how they can best service you and get you ready for the new year. Sales reps also will be able to guide you to the best solutions for your specific shop to make sure you achieve your goals. If you do not already have a sales rep to help you achieve your 2023 goals, we can help you Find a Rep.

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