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Mixing and Matching Your Hydraulic Components?

Posted by Kimball Midwest on August 20, 2018

Tags: Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Hose, Liability

We’re back with another installment of our Ask the Expert series. This time, we’re addressing the importance of using the same manufacturer for all components of a hydraulic hose assembly.

Why can’t I mix and match hydraulic components from different manufacturers? Aren’t they all the same?

Hydraulic components are not all the same, and liability is the main issue if you mix manufacturers. If an assembly has components from different manufacturers and it fails, the manufacturers will not honor their warranties. This leaves the assembler with the liability for any damage or injury caused by the failure.

Hydraulics manufacturers spend millions of dollars researching and testing their own products to ensure quality and reliability. They also work within a specific set of tolerances, and those tolerances may vary with each manufacturer. Using a component from a different manufacturer adds a variable that was unaccounted for, plus there may be enough of a sizing discrepancy to allow for a failure.

Watch the video for more information, and contact one of our experts to assist you with your hydraulic needs.

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