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More Than Just Fasteners

Posted by Kimball Midwest on May 30, 2024

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When purchasing new fasteners, you might not think of what products you will need in the future. That’s especially true for ones you will need when replacing old fasteners in equipment with new.


This is when you find out just how stuck and corroded a bolt can be. But there’s no need to worry when you have Kimball Midwest in your back pocket.


In addition to all your fastener needs, our sales representatives can equip you with products to go along with your setups.


Other than the fasteners themselves, let’s look at products you might forget you need to complete your job in an efficient manner.


Torq CB Non-Chlorinated

Torq CB quickly cuts through tough build-ups of grease, grime and contaminants that stop other penetrants. It also removes rust and corrosion, which can cause fasteners to freeze or get stuck.


Torque-Lok™ High Strength Red Threadlocker

This thread locker is used for locking all fasteners up through 1" diameter where severe vibration and shock is encountered. It also provides a tamperproof seal where a difficult removal is needed. In addition, it is ideal for threaded and press fit assemblies, adding up to 3000 P.S.I. shear strength for superior hold.


48 Piece Thread Restoring Tap & Die Master Set

The taps and dies in this master set quickly reshape and clean damaged or corroded internal or external threads to reduce downtime and return equipment to service.


Taps thread into nuts or internal threads on equipment to quickly clean out corrosion and debris and realign threads. Dies thread over external threads on bolts, screws and studs to restore threads, extend the life of fasteners and ensure proper installation and torquing. They’re perfect for internal or external use.


23 Piece (5/32" - 1/2" Standard & 3/16" - 1/2" Deep) 1/4" Drive Standard & Deep Socket Set

Superior quality alloy steel gives this socket set maximum durability. It’s precision forged and machined for higher strength and superior fit.


15 Piece Super Primalloy® Cryo-Gen "N"™ Maintenance Length Left Hand Drill Set

If Kimball Midwest is known for one thing, it’s our superior drill bits. The patented deep thermal cycle brings drills down to -300°F to alter and refine the molecular grain structure, relieve stress fracturing, and increase durability and life. Additionally, the left hand drill rotation can cause a fastener to back out when drilling, eliminating the need to use screw extractors to remove broken fasteners.


While this is just a sneak peak of what Kimball Midwest can offer you in addition to your fasteners, it’s a great list to keep in mind. Each of these products can enhance your shop’s efficiency and keep you on the path to success.


If you are interested in products you can use with fasteners, reach out to your sales representative today. If you do not already have a sales rep but would like to learn more about how we can help, we can help you Find a Rep!

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