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Shop Essentials You May Be Missing Out On

Posted by Kimball Midwest on October 20, 2022

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Your shop is the backbone of your business, so you want to ensure it is top-notch. You want to make sure it looks nice, but more importantly, you want to make sure it runs smoothly.

To do so, you have to make sure you have some shop essentials. You have your typical shop essentials like various tools, fasteners and safety equipment, but there are some lesser-known products out there. These products can transform your shop, taking it from good to great.

Space-Saving Products

One problem many shops face is clutter. If your shop has too many products, it can lead to less efficiency and a lack of proper storage. That is why Kimball Midwest’s 5-in-1 Pneumatic Tool is the perfect addition to your shop. It has a tool body that accepts five quick-change tools: the 3/8” Air Drill, 3/8” Drive Ratchet, 1/4” Die Grinder, 1/4” 90° Die Grinder and 3” Angle Grinder.

The 5-in-1 Pneumatic Tool doesn’t compromise on efficiency. Even though this is five tools in one, its ½ horsepower motor provides increased power for superior action and faster job completion.

To save even more space in your shop, our line of Compact Universal Absorbent products are a great option. In a busy environment, spills are bound to happen sooner or later, so don’t bother with cumbersome absorbers when that time comes. They can absorb more than 15 times their weight in liquid, and their compact size helps reduce storage requirements, too.

The Parts You Need in One Place

Kimball Midwest is all about efficiency and knows you want your shop to be efficient, as well. That’s why we offer a variety of assortments.

Our Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Terminal Assortment drawer is a great example of one of those products. It offers a wide variety of common electrical configurations for just about every shop in one ready-to-use product. The terminals in this assortment can fix a variety of electrical issues and have heat shrink tubing, which makes the connection weather tight. This tight seal locks out corrosion and provides strain relief to prevent wire pull-out.

If you are looking for another all-in-one product, Kimball Midwest’s 80-hole Screw Assortment bin is a great solution. It provides a variety of high-strength, carbon alloy steel screws. Not only does this take up little room, but it saves your shop time and money. With this product, a team member won’t have to go to the store for a single pack of screws multiple times a week.

Cleaners and Sprays

It is standard to find different cleaners and sprays in every shop, but there could be some essentials you are missing out on. Most shops have a use for an electrical cleaner, but few have one on hand. The Circ-Kleen 2 Electrical Cleaner cleans electrically powered machinery like switches, relays, and motors that would be found in agriculture, food processing or manufacturing lines. Circ-Kleen 2 is safe on virtually any surface and has an ultra-pure solvent formula that leaves no residue.

Having a penetrating grease on hand can also improve the quality of your shop. Just about every shop has a garage door, hinges or other gear-driven mechanisms; that’s where Inter-lube Delayed Viscosity Penetrating Grease can help. This product sprays out thin and sets up to a thick grease. Even though it’s thin, it soaks into areas where thick spraying greases may not reach, adding lubricity where it’s needed most. It also resists throw off, vibration and impact, so it stays where you put it.

These products are great for virtually every industry, but depending on the type, shop essentials can vary. If you would like a personalized recommendation of the products that could benefit your shop, a Kimball Midwest rep can come to you and take a full assessment. If you do not have one, we can help you Find a Rep.

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