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Posted by Kimball Midwest on February 9, 2023

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We all know a shop can be a busy place. When you are trying to get a job done, it’s easy for your shop to get disorganized and cluttered. You might find your workbench is messy, or the floor is covered in products or boxes.

Maybe, you find your shelves are too full, or you can’t seem to ever find what you are looking for. While a cluttered or disorganized shop might seem like a small problem, it can cost you time and money.

One of the biggest concerns with clutter is safety. Too much clutter poses a safety hazard to you and your team. For instance, a worker could trip over boxes or hoses on the floor, or they could knock over a product that was improperly stored. No matter if it is a small or large accident, it is still an accident. If an accident happens, it can be detrimental to you and your business.

Being disorganized can also slow you down and waste time. If your shop is not organized, you may find yourself taking time from your work to go to the store to buy something that was misplaced. You may also end up buying more of a product, even if you already have it, simply because you cannot find it. If you are wasting time, you are also wasting money.

Kimball Midwest offers a wide variety of storage solutions for your shop. No matter if you need something small or an entire shop makeover, we can get you organized.

Wall Storage

If you want to get rid of clutter from the floor, your workbench or shelves, consider wall storage. Installing storage solutions on the walls adds extra space that wasn’t previously utilized.

Our Gravity Feed Dispenser is a great way to get products like abrasive discs off shelves and onto walls. The gravity-fed unit loads easily from the top, and its wide openings are perfect to grab a product and go.

The Metal Pegboard is perfect for any shop and clearly displays the products you need. Hang a range of products, from abrasives to hose clamps, all in one place.

If you want a pegboard solely for abrasive wheels, consider the Abrasive Pegboard Bolt-On Shop Setup. With this Shop Setup, you not only get the pegboard, but you get four packs of abrasive wheels, as well.

Eliminate the number of boxes in your shop, while saving space at the same time, with our Wypall X80 Jumbo Towel Dispenser. Large rolls of towels are more economical than boxes and will save you money in the long run.

Hose Storage

If your shop uses hoses, you want to be sure they are organized. Proper hose storage means less clutter on your shop floor or on top of bins. It can also help with safety because it gets hoses up off the ground and not under someone’s feet.

The Heavy Duty Hose/Wire Reel Rack can easily store and dispense spools of hose and heavy gauge wire. This is ideal if you need to store multiple spools, as it can store both large and small spools on the same rack.

Depending on the size of your shop’s hoses, a cabinet may be a good option. The Hydraulic Hose Cabinet or the Complete Hose Cabinet Setup are great options as they have different compartments to give you the organization you need.

Caddies and Racks

Just about any kind of shop can benefit from caddies and racks. They allow you to organize products you may have multiple of, while also freeing up space on your shelves or workbench.

Cans take up a surprising amount of space on shelves and can fall over easily. Both the Aerosol Can Caddy and the Aerosol Can Cabinet can hold multiple cans at a time. These racks are specifically designed to clean the clutter, organize and dispense cans easily.

Organize your electrical wires and terminals with the Wire and Terminal Caddy. It has 12 built-in compartment drawers and three removable steel rods that can hold up to 12 3-1/2" spools of wire. It also has dual locks and a handle for easy transport.

Keep all your cable ties in one, organized place. The Cable Tie Dispenser Rack holds cable ties of all sizes in an easy-to-grab rack.

The Hose Clamp Rack makes it easy to keep different sizes of hose clamps organized. This rack can hold five sizes of clamps from 3” to 4” in diameter.


If you find your shop has a lot of clutter or it’s disorganized, it’s time to look into better storage solutions. A Kimball Midwest sales representative can help you out. They can evaluate your shop, understand the potential causes of the clutter or disorganization, and find a solution. If you don’t already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep.

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