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Best-Selling Products of 2022

Posted by Kimball Midwest on February 16, 2023

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2022 was a year like no other for Kimball Midwest customers and sales reps. There were still many hardships to face as many people as possible across the country tried to return to some normalcy despite COVID-19. Kimball Midwest sales reps were with our customers every step of the way to help them succeed.

One of those ways to help customers succeed in their business or industry is to provide the best products for any job that comes their way. We recently reviewed our best-selling new products of 2022 with you, but we also wanted to share some of our overall best-selling products of 2022 to share what helped lead to our customers’ success.

Torq CB

Kimball Midwest’s Torq CB penetrating oil has been a favorite for customers for many years, and there’s a reason. It’s ideal for all routine maintenance applications, making it the perfect product for a wide variety of equipment in all industries. It’s especially well-suited to problem areas that are corroded or oxidized from exposure to harsh conditions.

Ultra Pro-Max Black

It’s no secret that if you need paint for touch ups or other projects, our Ultra Pro-Max paints are what you need. The amount of paint solids in Ultra Pro-Max is extremely high. Because of this, you only need one can an area that might require two or even three cans of a typical paint. Since you apply less cans of paint per job, there’s a big savings in time. That’s something we could all use more of.

Hi-Blast Brake Cleaner

Any contaminants that build up on large equipment brakes need cleaned to ensure brake efficiency and accident avoidance. Our Hi-Blast Brake Cleaner was a best-seller for this reason. It provides extra cleaning action to break up and flush away contaminants, outperforming ordinary delivery systems.

29 Piece Super Primalloy Maintenance Length Drill Set

Another best-selling product is our 29 Piece Super Primalloy Maintenance Length Drill Set. If you need a drill set and haven’t purchased this one, you need to! The super heavy duty 135° split point eliminates center punching, and the maintenance length provides increased rigidity, strength and breakage resistance.

Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Heat Shrink Butt Connector

Even though this is the smallest product in this list, there is a reason it was one of our best-selling products in 2022. This butt connector is a heat shrink tubing and Techni-Crimp terminals in one convenient, ready-to-use product. The Therma-Flow sealant locks out corrosion and provides strain relief to prevent wire pull-out and easily seals with a lighter, heat gun, etc.

1” Sub-Compact Impact Gun with 6” Anvil

Sometimes the smaller tool is all you need. This compact impact gun allows access into tight spaces where a large impact gun will not fit. The compact size allows use in confined areas without the need for additional disassembly/reassembly of adjacent components for access, making this impact gun an easy favorite for many customers.

Cherry Blast Wipes

Kimball Midwest understands you might be in an area where you don’t have access to properly wash your hands with soap and water. Our Cherry Blast Wipes are heavy duty waterless hand cleaning towels that remove tough grease and grime. A popular product for when you are on the go.

If you haven’t asked your Kimball Midwest sales representative about these best-selling products, what are you waiting for? They might be the perfect solution for your business needs. If you do not have a sales rep, but are interested in these customer favorites, we can help you Find a Rep.

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