Notice Paint Chips?
Spray Paints for All!

Spray Paints for All

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 18, 2024

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With warmer weather setting in, now is the perfect time to check equipment for paint chipping and damage. Winter weather can cause a lot of harm in just a few months. Staying on top of paint maintenance helps with longevity of the material underneath, as well as providing you with a clean new look.


If you have noticed your equipment looking a bit beat up or perhaps the spray paint you currently have just didn’t cut it when it came to covering up the blemishes, Kimball Midwest is here to help.


Starting with storage, it’s important to have the right place to store the paint you need. Aerosol storage is a must have not only for paints but also with other aerosol chemicals.


Keeping paints on random shelves or in drawers can make it difficult to find them when you need them, know the expiration date or keep them from accidently getting thrown out.


After making sure you have the proper storage on site, it’s time to fill it with spray paints!


Kimball Midwest Ultra Pro-Max spray paints are advanced system industrial paints that provide you with economic performance and environmental benefits.


Economically, the spray paint contains a higher amount of solids, so it takes two to three cans of a typical paint to give you the coverage of one can of Ultra Pro-Max. Plus, since you need to apply fewer cans of paint per job, there’s a big savings in time.


For the performance, the paint is a superior enamel system. In harsh Florida outdoor weather testing against well-known brands, as well as in salt spray testing using ASTM Test Method B-117, the paint withstood the tests and proved superior.


Environmentally, it can be hard to find ways to help chemicals be the best they can be. Ultra Pro-Max spray paints have been formulated to reduce the amount of solvent to a low level. This reduces environmental and health hazards.


When using the spray paint, it’s important to keep these best practices in mind.

  • Surface area is prepped for paint.
  • Shake for one minute before each use.
  • Apply at the directed spray distance.
  • Follow label directions for re-coating.
  • Invert and clear the spray nozzle after each use.
  • Avoid over spraying.
  • Avoid using in extreme cold or heat.
  • Follow label directions for dry time before using the equipment or painted area.

Having proper storage, up-to-date spray paint and knowledge of spray paint best practices will set you and your equipment up for success. Additionally, it will make your equipment easy on the eyes with a shiny fresh coat.


If you’re ready to get your spray paint organized or need some new cans, connect with your sales rep. If you do not already have a rep, we can help you Find a Rep!

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