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Products That Will Have You Coming Back Again and Again

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 25, 2024

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If you’re already a Kimball Midwest customer, you know we’re your reliable provider of maintenance, repair and operations supplies, including many consumable products.


From abrasives to shop supplies and automotive to paint, your Kimball Midwest sales representative is your source for items you’ll need to order again and again, whether it’s weekly, monthly or on some other cadence.


These items play a vital role in your operation. Although many of them are small, if you run out, that absence has a big affect on your shop, causing downtime, lost revenue and other consequences. Our reps are specialists in partnering with you to make sure you don’t run out of those items you need on a regular basis.


Today, we’re highlighting a few of our most popular replenishable products that also are demonstrably superior. Just ask your rep to see how these items measure up!


Ultra Pro-Max Paints


Our Ultra Pro-Max Paints are top-of-the-line, with an extremely high amount of solids in each can. That means it takes two or even three cans of a typical spray paint to give you the coverage of one can of Ultra Pro-Max. Plus, the need to apply fewer cans per job results in big time savings.


We have more than 100 Ultra Pro-Max paints. Black and White are the most popular colors, of course, but with our rainbow of selections, there’s a great chance we have whatever colors you need. Flat Black and New Equipment Yellow also are increasingly popular and might be worth a look for your operation. Be sure to ask your Kimball Midwest sales representative if you need help with color matching.


We also have three storage options for your paints and other chemical cans with capacities of 30, 48 or 71 cans. These cabinets help you know where your paints are and monitor stock easily. Ask your rep if you need help choosing the one that is best for your needs.


Moistened Hand Towels


Our ever-expanding variety of pre-moistened hand towels offer a convenient package for on-the-go hand cleaning. These are quickly becoming a must-have for many Kimball Midwest customers, and the variety of scents allow customers to try them out and find their favorite.


We also have a Hand Towel Caddy that’s an easy way to give these towels a handy home in your shop.


These hand towels pair nicely with the hand cleaners that share their scent to provide in-shop hand cleaning when water is available.


Pro-Tech™ Nytrex Heat Shrink Connectors


These connectors have a more durable material compared to many heat shrink connectors and especially the older style nylon (or worse, vinyl) connectors. Heat shrink has become the industry standard, and our Nytrex line is a step up from what many shops use every day.


Our connectors pair wonderfully with the rest of our electrical line, such as Cross-Link Primary Wire.


Kim-Kut™ Ultra Grinding Wheels


If you’re looking for grinding wheels with impressive all-around ability to grind various materials, you’re looking for Kim-Kut™. The line’s consistent high-quality performance has many customers coming back again and again.


The zirconia and ceramic grain blend is ideal for rapid stock removal and offers dramatically superior wheel life on standard and tough-to-grind alloys. It lasts up to eight times longer than conventional wheels while maintaining a higher cut rate.


Super Primalloy® Ultra Step Drill Bits


These bits offer a unique stepped tip that eliminates the need for a pilot hole or center punches. This, paired with the Super Primalloy® performance our customers have come to expect, is a winner.


If you need help keeping your consumables stocked, your Kimball Midwest rep is ready to help. If you aren’t already a Kimball Midwest customer, we’d love to help you Find a Rep!

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