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The Final Countdown of 2023

Posted by Kimball Midwest on December 7, 2023

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All year long, Kimball Midwest has helped your business stay up and running. As we count down the final days of 2023, we want to make sure we send you into the new year with everything you need for success.


This means stocking up on products you might be low on, so when 2024 rolls around, you are ready to hit the ground running.


But with the busy year-end holidays, it might be difficult for you to find time to inventory what you do and don’t have.

In addition to having your Kimball Midwest sales representative checking needs replenished in your shop, we’ve created a list of items that might have been overlooked or not be on your radar yet.



Running out of abrasive discs in the middle of project can be frustrating. Especially if you have to stop what you are doing, run out to the store and find what you need. Some of Kimball Midwest’s popular discs to make sure you have in stock are our Crimson-Fire™ Flap Discs Line, Kim-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Discs Line and Kim-Kut Super-Maxx 2™ Cut Off Wheels Line.



Torq CB and Hi-Blast Brake Power – Get ready for winter vehicle and equipment maintenance with superior chemicals to loosen rusted or corroded fasteners and blast away grease, grime and contaminants.



Ultra ProMax Gloss Black or White – If you are in need of touch ups on equipment before the harsh winter conditions hit full on, make sure you have Ultra Pro•Max paints on hand. Refilling now also ensures you will have some on hand when spring rolls around to touch up chips and wear from winter weather.



Double check your stock of Nytrex Butt Connectors. These connectors have Therma-Flow sealant to lock out corrosion (which could be worsened in wintery conditions) and provide strain relief.


In addition to the connectors, staying stocked up on Cable Ties is a must. The perfect product to have on hand when winterizing vehicles and buildings or putting up those holiday lights!


Fluid Flow

If you take advantage of the Kimball Midwest fluid flow product line, you know our Kimposite DOT Fittings, Kimposite DOT Tubing and Milton® Universal Safety Couplers are must-have items. Additionally, the convenient Kimposite Emergency DOT Repair Kit is perfect to repair air brake lines on the go and keep your vehicles moving.



Lastly, Kimball Midwest never wants you to run out of fasteners! We carry Grade 8, Grade 5 and Metric 10.9 fasteners and more for all your needs. Now is the perfect time to check what you have and what you might need for the new year so your Kimball Midwest sales representative can get you some.


If you need any of these items restocked before the new year rolls around, be sure to reach out to your Kimball Midwest sales representative today. If you do not already have a rep but are interested in the products above, we can help you Find a Rep!

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