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Tight Space? Check Out These Abrasive Tools!

Posted by Kimball Midwest on November 4, 2020

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When you need to prep a surface, remove stock or finish a project, you can reach for your belt sander or rotary tool. But what if they’re too big to do the job? What do you do?

Fear not! Kimball Midwest has small versions of these tools to help you work in those tight spaces conventional belt sanders and rotary tools can’t reach.

Belt Sanders

Unlike most belt sanders, which are designed for use on flat surfaces, Kimball Midwest’s Compact Pneumatic Belt Sander can be used on edges, contoured surfaces and cylindrical parts. You can easily control the abrasive belts for precise stock removal and surface preparation.

Want to know more? Here are the details:

  • The head pivots 360° – independently of the handle and motor – so you can use it in tight spaces.
  • The end of the guide bar pivots up to 55° to allow the belt to conform to round or irregularly shaped surfaces.
  • The variable speed trigger offers superior control.

This sander can be used with either abrasive or surface conditioning belts, depending on your needs.

The Mini Pneumatic Belt Sander has many of the same features as the Compact Pneumatic Belt Sander. To make things easier, you can choose a Mini Belt Sander Assortment. Not only does it come with the sander, but you get a variety of belts with various grits and surfaces.

Rotary Tools

Kimball Midwest offers a variety of rotary tools for your abrasives needs. All are designed to work in hard-to-reach areas, allowing you to have better control and exceptional precision.

Surface Prep Tools: The pistol grip design of the Mini Pneumatic Surface Preparation Gun allows you to work with minimal fatigue and more control. This tool is ideal for removing gasket materials, rust and surface contaminants.

The Mini Surface Preparation Tool fits easily into the palm of your hand and weighs only one pound, reducing fatigue and allowing use in nearly any orientation. But don’t let its small size fool you. The powerful motor works quickly, and pressure is applied directly over the disc to provide maximum efficiency. This tool is ideal for both surface preparation and grinding.

Angle Grinder: The Mini Right Angle Grinder offers exceptional performance when grinding welds or finishing metals. The right-angle drive provides further access to hard-to-reach areas. The 2” Mini Angle Grinder Abrasive Kit offers a good variety of abrasives to use with this tool.

Cut-Off Tools: The 2" Mini Cut-Off Tool fits in the palm of your hand and is lightweight and easier to use than a bulky, full-size cut-off tool. A variety of abrasive wheels work with this tool, depending on your needs.

The 3” Cut-Off Tool works great for cutting fasteners, clamps, pipe, mufflers, hangers, sheet metal and more. It works perfectly with the Diamond Cut-Off Wheel.

Die Grinders: If you’re looking for versatility, nothing beats a die grinder. The Mini Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder has a 1/4” universal collet that can be used with burs, flap wheels, deburring tools, cup brushes, bore brushes, mounted points and more. It offers easy, one-handed operation and powerful performance.

The Mini Pneumatic Right Angle Die Grinder has a universal 3/8” arbor that works with a variety of type “R” abrasive discs and wheels. The one-handed operation gives you ease and control, allowing for precise stock removal.

When you need small tools to do precision work in tight spaces, you have a lot of options. If you need one or more of these tools for your shop, Find A Rep.

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