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Ultra Bond Saves You From Sticky Situations

Posted by Kimball Midwest on December 2, 2020

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There are a lot of things you can fix with instant adhesive – in fact, your shop and your home should never be without it. But not all these instant adhesives are alike. In most cases, it won’t bond reliably unless your materials are clean, dry and free of oil or grease. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. It takes extra time out of your day to clean your materials in order to fix them.

Additionally, most adhesives do not bond to acidic surfaces like wood or rubber. What do you do in those situations? Fortunately, you can find instant adhesives that can not only be used on oily, greasy and dirty materials, but also bond to wood, rubber and other acidic surfaces.    

Kimball Midwest’s Ultra Bond Instant Adhesive bonds in applications where other instant adhesives fail. You can use it on surfaces contaminated with oil, grease, dry silicone lubricants and dirt. Additionally, it bonds to a wide range of materials, including metal, most plastics, vinyl, nylon, fabrics, wood, rubber, cork, cardboard, leather and more.

So, how can you use Ultra Bond around your shop? Here are some ideas:

  • Apply to two or more pieces of wood to bond them together quickly so you can then screw or nail the wood in place.
  • Apply to your work boots if the sole or tread starts to come loose. It will help them last longer.
  • Use to fix a broken hand tool handle, such as a screwdriver, shears or trowels. Glue the handle back on with just a few drops. Test it before using to make sure the bond is secure.
  • Apply to frayed rope or cord to extend its life. You don’t want to do this forever, but Ultra Bond can help until you’re able replace it. Ultra Bond may take longer to cure for this application, so you may want to use Blast Accelerator to help with curing.
  • Use Ultra Bond to make minor repairs on your work vehicles, like affixing broken mirrors, sealing torn upholstery and sealing cracks in taillights.

Of course, Ultra Bond is handy to have around your house and in your vehicle, too. No doubt you can think of many more uses for it than what we mentioned here.

Keep in mind that instant adhesives, as a rule, cannot be used to fill gaps for parts that need to be tight-fitting. For that situation, you need Ultra Bond Fusion, a cold weld formula that can repair nearly any material. The cold welds are strong enough to be drilled, tapped and filed.

Ultra Bond comes in a liquid formula that can be squeezed or brushed on, and a non-running gel formula. If you are looking for a quick solution to sticky situations, Find A Rep.

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