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Want the Best Lights? We've Got ‘Em!

Posted by Kimball Midwest on December 9, 2020

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The world needs illumination.

Better lighting makes nearly everything easier, especially on job sites.

And with that in mind, we at Kimball Midwest are giving you our most popular lights of the year! As we continue to see the daylight hours creep away, we know you need more light.

Of course, some of these lights may make it seem like daytime.

Without further ado, Kimball Midwest’s best-selling lights of 2020:

No. 1 is the Quantum™ Neck Light.

This handy little number is the crème de la crème in wearable illumination.

The neck light provides diffuse bright white light without the need to be held, leaving your hands free to work, and it helps reduce the risk of leaving it behind on the worksite when the job is done. Each side is independently operated and directed, making sure you get the right amount of light to the right area. It has a three-hour runtime on high and up to nine hours on low. And it can be fully recharged up to 1,000 times.

Unfortunately, the light is so popular, we are waiting to get more in! 

Coming in at No. 2 is the Quantum™ Pivot 2 Rechargeable Worklight.

This magnetic-based work light has three brightness settings, giving you up to 10 hours of runtime on low. The high output is 720 lumens and lasts up to two hours. The light pivots 360° to aim light wherever it is needed, and it can be mounted on a tripod, too. The bright green composite housing ensures the light is easy to locate on workbenches and in toolboxes, and its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere, which makes it a clear winner with customers.

Let’s be clear, people like wearable lights. So, in a tie at No. 3 are the Quantum™ Sensor 2 and the Quantum™ Pro Rechargeable LED Head Lamp

While both are comfortable to wear and are powerful and convenient, the Sensor 2 is motion activated. Simply passing your hand in front of the lamp will turn it on.

Both lights are tiltable and provide at least two light output modes. The Sensor 2 can give up to 510 lumens on high, while the head lamp provides 400 lumens.

Both are designed for rough-and-tumble work and come with rechargeable batteries and charging cords, but the Sensor 2 also runs on AAA batteries when you need to keep going and can’t wait for a recharge.

People also want to have lights in their pockets, too. That’s why a pair of pen lights came in fourth on our list.

The Quantum™ Pro Rechargeable LED Pen Light and the Quantum™ Pro Focus Rechargeable Pen Light fit the needs of workers everywhere.

Both are ultra-bright, compact, powerful, rechargeable and durable lights that fit right in your pocket. Both also provide narrow and wide beams for precise lighting. The Pro Focus comes in at about ¾ of an inch smaller.

And if you want a trouble light, the choice is clear: The Quantum™ Edge Rechargeable Trouble Light.

This slim, compact light is ultra-bright. It’s made of a reinforced composite designed to be both lightweight and ultra-durable with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens, and it has a textured grip.

It has high and low settings and can run up to 25 hours in flashlight mode. On the 400-lumen high setting, it can run for three hours. It is rechargeable and has a built-in magnet for hands-free use.

So, if you need us to shed a little more light on the subject when it comes to work lights, we can help you Find A Rep

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