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These Products are OK with April Showers

Posted by Kimball Midwest on April 6, 2023

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Depending on where you live, the cliché of April showers bringing May flowers might not ring true. Kimball Midwest’s customers live and work from coast to coast in a wide variety of climates.

In any case, those spring rains got us thinking about the many products we offer that are designed to prevent water from getting in places where it doesn’t belong.

We’ve gathered a few highlights for you:

Heat Shrink Terminals and Tubing

Perhaps our best-known products in this category are our heat shrink terminals and tubing. The Therma-Flow sealant melts during installation of these items, sealing openings and locking out the elements.

Kim-Seal Weatherproofing Sealant

This aerosol seals leaks and weatherproofs where moisture presents a problem. The thermoplastic elastomer resin system remains flexible even in cold temperatures, so it won’t crack or peel.

It seals out rust and corrosion to extend service life in harsh environments and works on almost any surface, including buildings, trailers, gutters, concrete and PVC.

Electro-Maxx™ Dielectric Grease

This grease insulates and protects vital electrical connections from moisture and corrosion, sealing high energy electrical systems and preventing arcing between contacts.

It helps prevent user shock while working on or around electrical connections and prevents those connections from fusing together, making them easy to remove without damage when needed. Typical applications include trailer plugs, battery cables and terminals, distributor caps, electrical contacts, O-rings, fuses, lighting contacts, relay contacts, spark plugs and switching mechanisms.

Electro-Seal Sealing Compound

This compound permanently seals, waterproofs and insulates electrical connections. It easily conforms to any shape or contour.

It adheres to itself, as well as all cable insulations and metals, to form a positive, watertight seal. It’s also impervious to salt, alcohol, water vapor, soil and weather.

Waterproof Hi-Amp Surface Mount Circuit Breaker

These circuit breakers feature a sealed plastic housing approved for both engine compartments and marine bilge applications. They’re ideal for use in auxiliary and accessory circuits on buses, trucks, construction equipment, marine and recreational vehicles

No matter what you’re doing in your shop, there’s a good chance one or more of these items will help you deal with moisture. If you’re not sure, your Kimball Midwest sales representative would love to help you pick the right ones for your operation. If you don’t have a rep, it’s time to Find a Rep.

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