Need Something New? Check Out Our Best of 2021

Each year, Kimball Midwest puts out some of the best products on the market, whether it be lighting, paints, electrical, abrasives, fasteners, pneumatic tools, drill bits or any other product category we supply. When we put our name on it, we want to make sure it does exactly what you expect.
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Discover the Chemicals Your Shop Needs

Kimball Midwest releases new products each spring to help shop owners like you find exactly what you are looking for and what you need for your shop.

In the new product release this spring, you can find a variety of chemicals to try out in your shop and keep things running efficiently.

Here, we highlight some of these newly released chemicals and provide details on best uses so you can hit the ground running when they come to your shop.

One Punch 2 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels

One Punch 2 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels provide a powerful cleaning performance with a lemon scent. Because of their special fiber texture, these towels remove tough grease and grime without leaving grit on the skin and without drying, chapping or cracking hands. The wipes are ideal for mobile applications where water is not available. It’s a great product to keep in service vehicles.

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Slow Down and Look at Brake Cleaners

Kimball Midwest is known for a great variety of quality chemicals, from penetrating oils and greases to solvents and cleaners.
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