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A Commitment to American-Made Products

Posted by Kimball Midwest on March 7, 2024

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The backbone of the USA is the businesses keeping it running. These businesses, in any industry you can think of, provide services, supplies and jobs throughout the 50 states.


Kimball Midwest is part of this backbone with a USA commitment. We believe investing in an American workforce and products will provide a steady future for many more generations and create the demand that will keep our economy going.


To make sure we stay true to our commitment, we make sure our quality assurance, dependability, traceability and customer support are top of the line.


That is why 80% of our inventory spend goes to products made in the USA. Additionally, our supply base is primarily domestic to strengthen our partnerships with frequent site visits, vendor meetings and troubleshooting any time problems occur.


Made in the USA products offer several advantages over their foreign counterparts. The focus on higher standards during manufacturing, as opposed to cost-cutting measures, results in well-made products that stand the test of time. These superior-quality products require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan, offering customers peace of mind and reliability.


Here are just some of the product lines we carry that uphold our made in the USA commitment.


KM-USA – Our KM-USA Matched Grade 8 Fastening System includes top-of-the-line cap screws, hex nuts, lock nuts, flat washers and lock washers. KM-USA offers 100% lot traceability back to the raw material, a 20% higher head for increased wrenchability and a 30-degree chamfered point for easier alignment in a threaded hole or with a hex nut.


Super Primalloy® – Our selection of drill bits includes a wide range of sizes and assortment options. Regardless of the specific application and material to be drilled, we carry all you need.


Nylon Cable Ties – Nylon cable ties give a light weight, high strength and wide temperature range for maximum durability. They’re a must-have for electrical jobs and a variety of other applications.


Kimposite and Brass DOT Air Brake Fittings The push-to-connect fittings save time and limit the pieces needed to make easy air brake connections. Assortment options of both are available to keep pieces organized and offer comprehensive coverage.


Kim Kut™ Cut-Off Wheels Our made in the USA cut-off wheels cut up to twice as fast and last up to twice as long as regular cut-off wheels. These are perfect for standard pencil grinders, small cut-off equipment and angle grinders.


Cherry Blast Heavy-Duty Wipes – A customer favorite, these high-performance cleaning towels are waterless and remove tough grease and grime.


At Kimball Midwest, we are proud to carry Made in the USA products that are top of the line. If you are interested in learning which of our product lines could best serve your business and contribute to your made in the USA commitment, contact your sales representative. If you do not have a Kimball Midwest sales representative, we can help you Find a Rep!

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